It’s Not This Time of Year without Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

It's not this time of Year Without the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve in South India,one of the largest in the country.The journey had to be cumbersome as there were only three days in spare on occasion of Thanks Giving Day week.Without worrying much about the time,we planned a escape to the the jungles and dense forests of the Nilgiris Biosphere reserve.The weather is crystal clear and free from the torrential disturbances during this time of the year so it was not difficult to put our footsteps in the forestal zone.

Nilgiris ecosystem
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Elephants at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Best ecosystem engineers of the country

Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve
Core areas of the forest reserve

Keeping our time span in mind,we planned only to cover the two national parks under consideration coming under the ecosystem of the Nilgiris Reserve namely the Mudumalai and Bandipur forestal zones spanning across an area of 570 square kilometers.The pine trees all around the dense and sporadic forests of the reserve supplemented charm and incantation to the ambiance.Wild animals spotting was a matter of luck in a timeline of 2 hours rambling across the safari zones but we managed to catch glimpses of the sambar deer,African elephants,wild bisons including the muntjac and chital.These deer were found not only in the safari areas but also outside of the parks and spheres covered under deciduous forests.These elephants are the best ecosystem engineers in the country helping to sustain the ecological community and the environs.


Black bear
Sloth bear

Spotted deer at Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve

Shooting point
Shooting point for movies


Since we were short of time,we could not manage to spare a day or two for stay inside the village and the jungle which would have given an extra edge over others to catch glimpse of all types of species found inside the jungle.The support staff inside the safari areas were very hospitable and kind to help us explore the condensed and heaped areas of the forest reserve.On the way to the reserve we could also see lot of tea plantations by the farmers and the gardeners to keep the ecosystem alive,more dynamic and viable.The year ended on a positive and striking representation and we request the help of all fellow citizens in the country to preserve and conserve these natural resources to safeguard the ecosystem and the heritage of the nation.

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