New Horizon

New Horizon

The year 2015  ended on  a healthy note with lot of things achieved from personal and professional front.But being a travel freak,I would make my new year resolutions more on travelling and trekking this time and would like to achieve few milestones pertaining to mountaineering.I am planning to set up new horizons this time in my event calendar with all adventure enthusiasts and wildlife specialists based out in India.

I would be taking the Adventure Mountaineering course and the fieldwork beginning in May for one month and would continue to implement the learnings from the course in my travel business venture.I plan to trek to some of the important expeditions in India mainly Stok Kangri,Goechala,Zanskar River trek and lastly the Pin Parvati in Himachal Pradesh.I am planning to cover these in a period of 3 months gap and duration beginning January 2017.

The first in the list would be Zanskar River trek  spanning a period of 9 days with my trekking enthusiasts in mid January.I am really excited for this venture as this is the toughest and the most handsome trek in India at present.Secondly I am planning for the Goechala sometime around April to cover the delicacies of Eastern Himalayas and the Kanchenjunga mountains.Thirdly I have Stok Kangri in mind in July with my trekking gears and entourage to get a taste of the Trans Himalayan fantasy.Lastly I have Pin Parvati planned in November 2017 with a travel group based out in Himachal to enjoy the grandeur of Greater and some portion of the Inner Himalayas.I hope that I am able to make these resolutions fruitful and make it a reality and make my new year special.

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