Neelkanth|The Blue Mountain peak of India

The Blue Mountain peak of India popularly known as The Neelkanth Peak can
be seen from Badrinath,Uttarakhand,.It glitters in the evening and its majestic view can amaze anyone.Though smaller in size as compared the other peaks this peak looks ravishing and splendid throughout the day.It looks blue in the evening when the light of the moon falls on it obliquely.The sight is very enchanting for mountain and travel photographers and wanderers.

The Blue Mountain peak
Neelkanth peak


This time 3 of us decided to conquer the blue mountain peak.It was an early morning when we decided to climb this peak with our trekking gears and without much difficulty we reached the summit and there was victory and joy in everyone's face.It was a mixed feeling while climbing the peak and we halted at stages where we felt a bit gloomy and tired but was intelligent to quickly overcome the feeling and later decided to do something for a memory.We planted our own small flag in the hill top to make it memorable and cherish for entire life.

neelkanth peak
Neelkanth peak

Blue Mountain peak

When we came down it was evening and joy in everyone's face and later moved on to a restaurant to refresh and revitalize ourselves with a charming whisky and some loaf of bread.Also in the city premises we could see cool breeze blowing throughout so
it was difficult to go out anywhere after dinner.The Holy shrine of Badrinath was also
something to cherish for whole life where people come from all over the world to seek his blessings and prayers and good wishes.Most importantly,this peak looks stunning at night time and hypnotizes everyone with its scintillating appearance.The color is mostly light blue which creates an unfathomable hysteria in everyone's mind to go and feel the essence and the magic that lies inside the mighty mountain peak.