Striking Natural Formations on Earth


There are a few striking natural formations which appeals to the normal human beings and I would consider myself very fortunate to have witness the perception.The most tempting feature about these visions are either in the way they have contrived or a blessing of Mother Nature.Nature takes its own form to create marvellous features which are beyond our level of perception.When. nature takes its real form,nothing is impossible and everything becomes easy to interpret and understand the true meaning and the hidden secrets of life and the world.

One such stunning feature which I witnessed was a cave in the Anantnagar district of Jammu and Kashmir.The cave was a natural concort which is believed to have formed 1000 years ago.There are lot of myths and stories attached to the formation of the cave which may be true according to scientists.The mountains of the Greater Himalayas circumscribe the cave all through with some springs and waterfalls clinging to it.The cave is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and pilgrims from all over the country come to the cave to seek blessings and divine sanction.The mountain has taken a form of a cave and is the center of attraction in the region and is one of the striking natural formations on Earth.

It was yet another prosperous and auspicious day for me when I witnessed the presence of butterfly undergoing metamorphosis from chrysalis to adult phase in the wild trees and forests of Kinnaur district.The color was yellow which even added some glamour and favour to the natural environment.The process was slow and it took some hours for me to have testified the transformation.I was holding my camera in all angles to get the best of sight and witness the transmutation.Finally after it underwent the transformation it flew away to find its mate in the empyrean.