Mountains of the Upper Himalayas

The captivating mountains of the Upper Himalayas expanding from Kinnaur and ending at Chitkul offers a breadthtaking view.These mountains surrounds all the areas including Sangla Valley,Karcham,Chail,Kalpa,Reckong peo and Chitkul.Important peaks that falls within these ranges are Sangla peaks,Jorkanden,Sarong,Raldang,Kinnaur Kailash,etc..


Sunset view from Chitkul
Sunrise view from Chitkul

If you want to fall in love with these mountains,you have to go deep inside them and find that they speak a lot in silence,have the ability to awaken even a dead soul and are the epitome of good luck,prosperity,love and life.Mind does reflect the soul in their presence.It is essential to understand the silence and the power hidden within them and only then one can understand their true worth.If you are scared then you may be feeling deceptive and scrupulous once you see them.

Greater Himalayan ranges



These mountains don’t harm anyone and they symbolically represent true love and are the magnitude of various dimensions of life.The most annoying thing is when dark nimbus clouds start eclipsing them ending the day on a bad note.



How does one fall in love with these mountains?It’s not easy and one needs to come out of the material and transient world to realize that.Spiritual individuals often fall in love with them and can reflect their true meaning.The Upper Himalayas have a lot to offer travelers and mountain lovers starting from landscape,natural beauty,the people and the enigma of the food available in the adjoining areas.It must be a true and promising attempt from the individual to climb them and then recognize their hidden value and fall in love with
these mountains.