Mountains of the Trans Himalayas


The mountains of the Trans Himalayas offers a sensational and miraculous vista bordering Leh and Jammu Kashmir.Mixed with dark brown,black,grey colors,these mountains speak a lot in silence and absorbs a long portion of the area covered under Leh.These mountains border the entire region of Leh capped with monastries,stupas,memorials and mesmerizes every unanimous traveler.

Leh and environs
Mountains of Trans Himalayan terrain

These mountains yield different shapes,sizes and colors and blindfolds every individual with its narcotic and soporofic appearances.The entire section of the city is very dry and unstained and are home to important treks and expeditions in the Himalayas.The magic lies in the isolation and unblemished silence of these mountains of the Trans Himalayas that urges people to visit and make their lives meaningful and jovial.

Trans Himalayan divinity
In proximity with Hunder village



Buddhism is another inclusion in the city as it is practiced and followed extensively by
individuals dwelling in the environ.Individuals and travelers like us come to experience the silence and the holiness of the region making a memorable impression in our minds.The Trans Himalayan ranges expands from Leh and some parts of J&K,Nubra,Pang and Zanskar valleys and is commendable in every aspect.It is imperative for every citizen to follow Nature and keep it clean,refined and sanitary else Mountain GODS can become angry and take revenge which can affect ordinary human beings which is not good for the habitat and the economy.No human being can become a superpower unless he follows these principles and laws.

Trans Himalayas encirling Shyok river


Trans Himalayan grace