The Mountain Horse Conspiracy

It has always been a necessity for individuals going on trekking in a horse ride to reach the zenith or the destination.The horses do operate in a group of two or three administered by their masters.The Mountain horse does revolve round the mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas,Kumaon Himalayas and some portions of the Greater Himalayan ranges.They vary in various sizes and
different colors such as grey,black,brown and white.These horses are taken for a ride by their masters who nurture and feed them but are owned by the group leaders.

Steep ascent
On a steep ascent from Baltal
Mountain horses in shed
Horses in their residence at Uttarakhand
Route to Govindghat
On the way to Govindghat

These horses do help the elderly and the affected people to reach these destinations and an important means of transportation around the region.The bitter harshness and truth lies in the unblemished fact that they are not raised or fostered to the level they should be and this results in their collapse.The money collected from the tourists are not sufficient enough to nurture or cultivate them in the long run and masters may have to look for other alternatives.They should be treated first and taken care of before they fall
sick but masters do not realize the fact and the ill or diseased stricken horses are left to die along with the older ones who have reached the stage of death.

Mountain horse
Mountain horse at Chopta

Mountain climbs are quite steeper and requires a continuos ascent of 15-20 kms per day which is not only difficult for us but also for these medium sized horses who have four legs to do the climb.The same horse is made to climb for all the days in a month without proper rest and adequate care which is a result of some horses fainting in the middle of the climb.The mountain horse is then deemed as unfit and left to die which is a sad phase in animal conservation and maintenance.They do not have proper stables and healthy relationships with other horses who are maintained and bolstered properly by their owners.
If proper steps taken towards their welfare and the government understands the same we can prevent the cruel act and contribute towards animal sustainability and maintenance.


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