Matheran and the joy of tiny toy rides


Matheran is one of the enchanting hill stations in Maharashtra besides Lonavala and Mahabaleswar which is a weekend retreat for all Mumbaikars and people of Pune.Matheran is a small hill station in Maharashtra,a few hundred kilometers from Neral where the tiny toy rides operate daily carrying tourists to and fro from Neral to Matheran.These toy trains look very tiny and scanty and have two seating capacity in the front and back but they have the potential to carry and ride us to the hills of Western Ghats creating  bewilderment.The journey in these toy rides is for 4 hours which is enthralling and spell binding and a wonderful way to spend the weekend with family and friends.

Tiny toy rides
Toy Train rides

Water body
The water body

On the way to Matheran from neral
Route from neral to Mathetan

The journey is a few hours from Neral and these toy rides mostly operate in the morning traversing through the hills of Western Ghats crossing mountains and ridges across the way.These tiny toy rides move slowly and steadily but reach the destination on time which our Indian railways fail to do.Matheran is a wonderful place to witness the sunrise across the hills and mountains of the Kajrat Tehsil district of Maharashtra.There are other attractions in the city that includes horse riding,echo cave rocks and the traditional food available to lure tourists and like minded travellers.While traversing through the route from neral and vice versa the mountain ranges of Western Ghats are visible and they provide a perfect way to witness the grandiosity of the region and its adjoinings.

Sunrise in Matheran
Sunrise at Matheran

The Western Ghats
Western ghats


.There are arrangements of home stays for tourists at a budget rate and more importantly there are forests and tress covering the entire region making it eco friendly and pollution free.There are horse rides in matheran along with other attractions that makes it a succinct place in the Western Ghats and one of the favourable destinations of Maharashtra.

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