Delving into the abysmal forests of Jim Corbett

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Jim Corbett National Park is the largest national park in India expanding across the Shivalik hills of Uttarakhand near Ram Nagar.The national park has 5 zones namely Dhikala,Jhirna,Bijrani,Durga Devi and Sonanadi Safari zones.Each of these zones has five gateways that requires separate entry passes for travellers and wildlife enthusiasts to survey them.

In a chilly morning at Corbett
On a chilled Early morning at Corbett

Arid areas of Jim Corbett
Delving into the drier areas of the jungle

Shadow of the sun
Sun casting its shadow in the jungle

Deer spotted in grassy jungles
Free Playing ground for the deer

I managed to survey only two of the zones,Jhirna and Dhikala considering the safari timings which is mostly in the early morning hours and another in the late afternoon hours since I had only one spare day left in the Kumaon trip.There are safari jeeps available to convoy the entire area covered under forests but it would be great to make a stay of a day or two to sight all species found in the jungle.Entry. into the core areas of the forest is strictly prohibited and requires special permission from the forest officials and authorities.

Wild animals
Wild animals spotted near the jungle

Jeep safari
Jeep Safari open to tourists

Wild deer spotted in the national park

Shivalik ranges
The Shivalik ranges as seen from the National Park

The early morning sun rising at 6 am in the morning throws light into the area and the chirping sounds of the birds echoes around the mountains providing a completely different angle to vigil the region with surprise and bewilderment.The peaks of the Inner Himalayas excite travellers and the light of the morning sun dazzles creating a halo around the region and a bright radiant glow to the surroundings.The national bird peacock was the first one in my list to be sighted with its enigmatic charm and look after which we stepped into the drier areas of Jim Corbett to find zebras,sambar deer and other species of deer found in the timber land areas.

The Shivaliks

The road side
The Road side of the forest

Green areas of the jungle
Green areas of the forest

Dense areas of Jim Corbett
Traversing through the wider areas of the jungle

There are provisions of stay for wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists inside Jim Corbett National Park and elephant safaris are also available into the shielded areas to catch glimpses of tigers and lions.The jeeps are opened and there is no covering which can be a frightening phenomenon for kids and teens if there is any wild attack.Different species of birds are found inside the jungle premises and it's a matter of luck and triumph to catch sight of all.Coming to the animal survey,I found some deer,tigers,elephants into the camouflaged areas of the forest.The jeep had to wait for long hours to catch sight of tigers which did not come out to the open roadside due to tourist congestion.Overall it was a riveting experience for me and my companions for the weekend voyage in Kumaon and a memorable empiricism to last for lifetime.