The Pom-Pom Parade


Has anyone heard of Pom-Pom parade?

Yes we can see the event in the Land of Parthenon i.e Athens.The changing of the guards is very popular and mostly takes place in Sunday in the morning.They really look very humble and jolly in the dresses.One can catch the glimpse in the town and can watch this near the Parliament building.They dress up in formal traditional attires and move in slow and steady motion blowing the trumpet.The guards are dressed properly and beautifully and add charisma to the ambiance.

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The Parthenon is very famous in Athens and is the epitome of the worlds greatest cultural monuments.It is dedicated to the Goddess Athena whom the people of Greece worship.It attracts millions of travellers across the world as it became the most important Christian pilgrimage destination in the Eastern Roman Empire.

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