The Mystical Kunzum Pass enclaved by Bara Shigri glacier


The Kunzum Pass --When it is required to embark an adventure,the first thing that comes to the mind is exploring the Kunzum Pass which encircles the Bara Shigri glacier.It is one of the highest motorable passes in India which is also the gateway to Spiti,Kaza valley.

On the route to Kunzum
Approaching Kunzum Pass

Outskirts of Kunzum pass
Kunzum pass

Approaching Chandra taal
Towards Chandra Tal Lake

The journey to Kunzum Pass was undertaken from Manali,HImachal and it took a whooping 4-5 hrs to reach the spot.I was a bit sceptical about the weather during this time of the year but was happy to see a clear and bright sky amidst of the clouds encircling the high valley mountains.Snowfall was less as compared to last year but the temperature was cold amidst of all the speculations from different people across the region.

Route to Kunzum pass
Kunzum Pass

Kunzum pass
Kunzum Pass

The Kunzum pass
Kunzum Pass

It was fun and adventurous when we stepped inside the car and after seeing the mystique landscape it took our breadth away.Notable places that fell in between are the Rohtang pass and Gramphoo which separated Spiti from Lahaul valley.There were ridges,waterfalls across the way which made the environment even more cooler and smoother.

There was fresh vegetation across all the areas that came through the way and we could see even small cottages and camps throughout the journey.There are people living in these areas but life is quite tough and challenging.It was quite a good experience to know the local people around as some looked like Half men-Half cartoon creatures especially the younger ones.

Bara Shigri glacier
Bara Shigri glaciers

Kunzum pass
Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass is surrounded by the Bara Shigri Glacier,Indias longest glacier all around and the picturesque is quite amazing and educating.It resembles more like a cold desert surrounded by dry arid mountains..There are even stupas located all around the valley which is quite breadth taking.A few kilometres walk from the pass can you to the Sweet Chandrataal Lake..Much to our surprise there were more foreign tourists as compared to the local ones and they looked even more pretty tired and exhausted than us.The food in this region brought in the charm to satisfy us and even the local people were quite supportive and gentle.

Above all,a must visit place for all travel enthusiasts across the globe....




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