Traversing through the hills of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal,one of the prominent hill stations of South India is a retreat for people to escape the heat wave whisking across Tamilnadu.The chief economy of the region is based on the tourism industry.The district of Kodaikanal mainly comprises of the Palani Hills located between the Parappar and the Gundar Valleys and the Nilgiris.

Parappar and Gundar valley
Parappar and Gundar valleys

The Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens

There are alpine meadows and green grasslands that cover the blackish mountains.The region has a rich flora and pine trees,eucalyptus and acacia are the most bulging ones with beautiful wild flowers and various species of rhododendrons,dahlia and magnolia abounding them.There are mighty echo rocks and waterfalls all around the region to allure young travelers.


Pillar rock
Pillar rocks

Echo rocks
Echo cave rocks

Places of interest to me in Kodaikanal are the Pine forests,Dolphins nose,Echo Point,
Coaker's Walk,Pillar rocks,Green Valley View from where the hills and the entire Western Ghats are clearly discernible.Dwellers of the region mostly includes the Christian community with a subtropical climate prevailing in the town throughout the year.The entire town of Kodaikanal is covered by thick and dense forests which is a prominent feature of the region and people come from all corners of India to feel the essence of the natural resources in the country.There are botanical gardens in the region that comprises of various indigenous plants and flowers.

Pine forests
Pine trees


Botanical gardens at Kodaikanal
Botanical Gardens of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal can be reached from Chennai or Bangalore by covering a road distance of around 12 hours and touching Tiruchirapalli in the way.The weekend drive with some special friend can be even more intriguing and enthralling for someone having an unfathomable inclination and interest towards hills and willing to expand his geographical base and proficiency.The mountain ranges become very prominent and established on coming closer to Kodaikanal which is a promising and happening feature of the region.

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