Khardung La|Tryst with the Mountain Gods

The Greatest _______ in the World


The Khardung La pass,one of the worlds highest motorable pass situated at a height of 18500 ft above sea level is a matter of pride for the nation.The travelers will really find themselves lucky and fortunate to have been there and the path mostly remains closed during the peak time of the year.It remains opened only for a few months and is the gateway to the Hunder sand dunes.

Khardung La Pass
Khardung La-Worlds highest motorable pass

Khardung la
Khardung La top

Coloured leaflets
Leaflets to get rid of the wicked

I was on my way to the Pass from Leh which i undertook on a bike by covering 40 kms full stretch without any break.Good luck was with me all the way and there were no landslides and other obstacles in between that could shake my confidence and courage to reach there.The road was quite challenging and I had to make intelligent moves and take shortcuts to reach the Pass.Snow was there but not to the extent of crippling my journey and fallback towards Leh.Temperature was very cold and we had to advance our way further because of high altitude issues and lack of oxygen.The cold waves blowing refreshed our minds and made us vagabond nomads so that we could go further without any hassles.

Trans Himalayan magnetism
Trans Alpine magnetism encircling Khardung La

Stok kangri from Khardung la
Stok Kangri visible from Khardung La

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas bordering Khardung La

There were the army camps,few food outlets for refreshments and the presence of colourful leaflets to get rid of the evil and the wicked.The peaks were dazzling with snow and their presence gave an appealing and magnetic feeling to the atmosphere.The presence of different inhabitants also added some glamour to the ambience and the latency of Himalayan sheep and goats made it look like 'The Land of Shepherds'. There were people on bikes and bicycles like me on the route with trekking and hiking dresses which increased our confidence to go further and advance towards the important sand dunes area that gives a perspicacious glow to the Trans Himalayan mountains.

Khardung la
Khardung La top




The Khardung la Pass is on the Leh Nubra route that gives every traveller to explore more passes and compare with it and give one's rating and points on the height,area,ambience,temperature and mountain ranges.We should be taking proper steps to ensure that the roads are maintained every now and then for the easy passage of travelers and extra vigilance should be taken by the military
to keep it opened and prevent road damage in the future if required.It was a riveting acquaintance for me and my entourage to witness the worlds greatest motorable pass in the world without any climatic hurdles.


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