Alluring magnetism of Khalia Top

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Khalia Top,located at a distance of around 8 kms from the town of Munsiyari is a high altitude trekking summit and a Himalayan meadow.The most important peak that is visible from here is the Hansling peak and other peaks like Nandakot,Trishul and Nanda Devi East are also palpable.The snow clad peaks of the Kumaon ranges were tangible from the meadow and took our breadth away and I had to adjust the lens properly to catch the alluring magnetism

Khalia Top Bugyal
Khalia Top

Kumaon Himalayas
kumaon spectrum

Kumaon spectrum
Kumaon Himalayas

A trekking bag,hand full of gloves,sleeping bags,torch,lighter were my gears for the trek and I had to escape the crowd and make my way to the summit.It was also in my top 10 list of favourable treks and I had to trek this point all the way from Munsiyari after I reached there overnight.The next day early morning I packed my bag and was ready to climb all the way till Khalia Top Bugyal.

En route to Khalia top
On the way to Khalia Top


Khalia Top Bugyal
trekking through khalia top

Khalia Top
View from Khalia top

There were the Himalayan sheep covered with thick fur all around her body that was discernible and also some unicorns that were trackable.Wild species of flowers of rhododendrons especially found in this part of the region took our sight away from the untarnished peaks of the Kumaon Ranges.The sun rising at 6 am amidst of these mountain ranges gave a striking appearance to the sky and the white clouds engulfing all around the environment.I had to wear my jeans tight and jackets and shoes proper to prevent my leg getting swamped in snow.Snow was fresh and pristine during this time of the year which added flavor and charisma to the ambiance.

Snow covered road
road covered with snow


Khalai top bugyal
Khalia top

.The dazzling panorama of the pristine mountains was an enduring experience for me and my entourage and I encourage young travelers to add this trip to their wishlist.Happy Travelling!!!!



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