Khajjiar-The Playing field of Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar is the Playing field of Himachal Pradesh due to its sporadic advent and its geographical bearings.It takes half an hour from Dalhousie to arrive at this splendid abode and I chose December month to visit this stead.The luscious green meadows and the presence of deodar,pine forests and the lake covered with weeds makes it unexampled and exclusive among others and rated very profoundly and sometimes known as the Mini Switzerland of India.Khajjiar can be reached by car from Pathankot via Dalhousie by covering a distance of around four hours.The attraction and panorama of Khajjiar is unique and not found in any corner of the country which makes it really supreme and extraordinary.

Playing field of Himachal
Play field of Himachal

Kalatop wildlife
Kalatop Sanctuary


Kalatop sanctuary

Teenagers enjoy the fascination of paragliding,saucering and flying in this sphere with travelers coming from across the world to enjoy its grandeur and eminence.Prominent hill stations around the domain are Dalhousie and Dharamshala and there is also the Kalatop Khajjiar sanctuary to add to its significance and distinction.I was quite fortuitous and blessed to buckle the gravity and the splendor of the Dhauladhar ranges from the hamlet and the clear weather played a crucial role in ensorcelling our mind and heart.Khajjiar is a place for adventure and wildlife enthusiasts across the country to make an attempt to conquer this part of Himachal and contrive unforgettable memories.

Shiva statue

Khajjiar playing field
Play field of Khajjiar

Khajjiar field


It was encouraging for me and my courtiers to enjoy the favorable taste of the food available for travelers at reasonable prices and there were good home stays and lodges available across the proximity without much altercation.The treks of Chamba and Dainkund are very salient and striking for mountaineers and hardcore trekkers across the globe and I found Khajjiar the playing field and very decoying for any individual to get lost in mountain wilderness and adventure.






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