Judgement-Is it prejudice?

Is it good to judge people?I feel when you judge someone,it defines you and not them .However we should judge people only on their actions and not what they speak or say.

When you judge someone,you have to decide and think about their caste,religion and the principles they practice or follow else its stupidity to make irrelevant comments and remarks.When people judge me,i don’t take it seriously unless it affects me in a way where I cannot stand properly into a defendable position.Judgement should be purely based on someone’s actions and not what they merely say or comment.

Traveling to lot of places has helped me judge people better and make the correct decisions in life.Staying in one place for a longer duration of time and mixing with other cultures and traditions can help you become a better observer and judge but it cannot make you perfect unless you understand the religion they practice and inculcate.My final opinion on judgement would vest upon the fact that judgement should be based purely on an individuals action irrespective of religion,caste,creed and appearance.