Indian Architecture


Talking about Indian architecture,we have to go back to the Mughal empire where distinguished and remarkable features can be traced in the remnants of Taj Mahal,Agra Fort etc which has been revamped by the Government of India to retain the lost glory and the heritage of the nation.Agra is one of the places in India where the relics of the architectural endeavour by the workers and the craftsman of that era can be outlined.Indian architecture stands among the finest architectures in the world and is a proud factor for the nation.

Indian architecture
Interiors of Taj Mahal

Indian Architecture
Agra Fort

Indian architecture
Old Architecture

Talking about Taj Mahal which was built by the craftsman deployed by Shah Jahan during the Mughal empire one can depict and trace architectural decree and findings and compare it with the modern generation.There is lot of disparity in terms of the service provided by the craftsman of ancient times and the quality has definitely fallen down in the modern era.This is due to the lack of skilled workers in the country and the decline of superiority and the excellence in this field.But we can definitely go back to that generation and try to fill and close that gap which is mislaid today.

En route to Taj mahal
Entry Gate to Taj Mahal

Interiors of Taj mahal
Taj Mahal interiors

Another edifice is the famous Agra fort which cannot be compared with any of the superconstructions in todays engenderment.The works depicted in the architectural findings is exemplary and superficial and should be taken as a solid example if one wants to build similar constructions or structures in modern India.Agra,Delhi and some places have similar architecture which should be compared with modern day Indian architecture to improve the lost glory and grandeur.

What is missing today in India is the patience of craftsman and the competence and expertise in this sphere.They should be remodelled and resurrected to maintain and preserve the lost heritage and grandeur.

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  1. All the buildings look amazing, I hope it will last as long as possible. Hopefully they’ll realize everything needs some care.

    1. Yes Michaela It will be preserved after all it’s all about preserving the heritage of the country and the Mughals..Thats why these monuments were renovated lately to attract tourists from all over the world and [preserve lost glory

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