Five things to do in France in a short span of time

Rentals in France

France,the country with one of the largest geographical diversity in Europe whams travelers with its substantial actualization.It is also one of the European countries where great philosophers,writers and artists have been born.Being a foreigner to this beautiful country,I managed to catch the exquisiteness of the central in a weekend and sight
some memorable experiences in my travel cycle.The most important segment of this travel venture was to select the correct motel and I preferred Luxury Retreats whose amiability and hospitality was in their signature.

The great city of Paris
The city of Paris
The Louvre
The museum

The worlds most renowned monument Eiffel Tower was always in my top travel wishlist which was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.The monument glitters with the prestigious light shows so it would be wise to
pay a tribute to this mausoleum in the evening.The photographs can be taken from various angles to catch the different dimensions of the tower from the top.This site hosts some important events of international importance and visited by more than 5 million visitors every year.

The france paintings
French paintings
Living room of the legend
Decent room
The capital city of Paris

Visiting Europe’s highest summit at Mount Blanc was the most intelligent decision that I had taken during the voyage.It is a great place for mountaineers,adventure climbers and nature enthusiasts across the globe.The mountain is the highest in Alps popular for skiing,snowboarding and other magical events like Winter Olympics and mountain climbing.There are gondola rides operating in the region and a long tunnel that acts as a major means of transportation in the Alpine route.

River cruise
River cruise in France
French architecture
The French architecture
Architecture of France
France architecture

The exemplary portraits,the ordinances of Napolean Bonaparte,the outrageous battles he fought in,including portraits of palaces,horses,ships and artifacts from the French history are preserved in the Louvre museum.The museum is the largest in the world and is the kennel for the largest art collections in history.I was fascinated and blessed to see the remarkable work and remnants in the museum which is encouraging for any artist and painter.There is also an association known as Friends of Louvre which is popular and renowned among donors and art patrons.

Eiffel Tower in the evening
Eiffel Tower

Notre-Dame de Paris in France is one of the oldest Catholic Cathedrals constructed as per the Gothic architecture.There are 9 bells inside the cathedral which is designed to mark the hours of the day for various occasions.Various organs have also been imparted in the cathedral which has some pipes and few manuals.Numerous organists have therefore been appointed and given the post of titular organist.

Taking a river cruise is the most intelligent way to get a glimpse of the entire city and do some souvenir shopping and cross various pedestrian bridges.There are houseboats of different categories operating along the river side and it would be even wise to plan a stay to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of staying under water.Paris is undoubtedly the smartest and the most beautiful city of France with so much to offer tourists and travelers across the planet.

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  1. Love your post! Your pictures are amazing! I was in Paris, too but didn’t make enough pictures. Which camera did you use?

    1. I normally use my Canon or Sony A6** .Yes Paris is better than any other city in France and beautiful as well…I love capturing anything that fascinates or interests me..

  2. Good suggestions for a short trip. I absolutely loved Notre-Dame too. Such beautiful architecture isn’t it? I think I took some 50 pictures of it!

  3. Wow beautiful photos and architecture! Your blog makes me want to fly away tonight!
    The tower picture is great and a new angle I havnt seen before!
    Thanks for sharing!

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