Hyderabad|City of Ramoji film institute and important forts


Hyderabad is one of the major Information Technology hubs of South India which has lots of other attractions like the renowned Ramoji film institute,the Charminar and important forts.The city has an extreme climate across all seasons and has a balanced life for all.The city is mostly dominated by Muslims and other castes which includes Tamilians and of Telugu origin.It is also known by the name ‘The City of Pearls’.

Interiors of Golconda
Golconda fort
Golconda Fort
The Roof Top of Golconda
Roof Top of Golconda Fort

Among the major attractions of the city,I was lucky enough to get glimpses of the famous Charminar,Golconda fort,Hussian Sagar Lake and the famous Ramoji film institute.There are few other places like Lumbini Park,NTR gardens and important malls within the heart of the city.The city has a lovely panorama if viewed from the Golconda fort and there are some lakes which are quite prominent and serves as the water supply to the city.

The Golconda fort
Golconda Fort
Hussain Sagar
Hussain Sagar Lake
The Charminar

Another important aspect of the city is the food present to allure all and thats why its
rightly called the city of Nawabs.The biriyani served in the city is the best in the country and its outlets are present in other cities in the name of Paradise and Nuwan and few others.There are few good institutions of study and research across the region and is the first capital of Andhra Pradesh.It is well connected to other cities in South India by buses,trains and flights.Hyderabad is also prominent due to its geographical location and is quite peaceful as compared to other cities.Hyderebad impresses me due to the cosmo culture,Ramoji film institute,the climate and the hospitality of the locals living in the region and also the aroma of the food that it has to offer travellers.If one wants to get the best view of the city then I would ask him to climb to the roof top of Golconda and witness the magic.

Salarjung Museum
Salarjung Museum
ramoji Film institute in Hyderabad
Ramoji Film Institute
Mating birds
Birds mating


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