Hunder Village


On my way to Hunder Village,Leh I could see the natural formation of white sand dunes in the plain land and also some portion in the mountains.It was an exotic reflex and perception when we touched it and saw its novelty and sparkle spreading its enigma across the region.The manifestation of wild trees and the Shyok river encircling the diaroma was ecstatic and gave a feeling of presence of Heaven on Earth.

Hunder village
Camel riders across Hunder village

The village had locals practicing their own natural and fundamental ways of living and rehearsing local farming and vegetation.Home stays are available for travelers at moderate prices that enlivens them to stay for a day or two in the village.Food is natural and has a very good flavor of taste due to natural and unique ways of plantation by the local inhabitants.


Trans Alpine magnetism encompassing Hunder village
Hunder sand dunes

Camel rides are also a special feature in the radius and their special appearance can amaze or shock any individual.Hunder village can be a very promising place for travelers wanting to make any natural agenda and expanding the greenery across the vicinity.Peace and stability should be maintained to preserve such places in the future which can be rewarding and the presence of the Diksit monastery also adds flash to the sorcery.



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