Unforgettable Himachal: Rediscovering Nature

Himachal Pradesh,one of the beautiful states in India that holds the distinction of discovering and enjoying nature to its fullest is one of the big happenings in my travel life span.It is difficult to enjoy the grandeur of the entire region in one bolt and should be revisited in different times of the year to experience the gravity.

Naggar Castle
Naggar Castle
Naggar Castle
Early Morning in Himachal

There are amazing and stunning places in the lap of Himachal in different forms that creates and makes the nation proud of natural glory and opulence.Some of the places that has the magic of Mother Nature and grandiosity are Kinnaur, Dharamsala, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Shimla, Manali, Chitkul, Spiti, Sangla,Naggar castle some high rising renowned mountain passes and important lakes in the Himalayan circuit.I visited the state more than three times in different times of the year to experience the seasonal differences and enjoy the magic of snowing around in different skiing areas and high mountain glaciers.

Early Morning at Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
Across River Beas in Mandi
Cricket ground


Dharamshala and Shimla are two capitals of the region and has a mixed culture of Hinduism and Buddhism.The state is very clean and free from political disturbances and I found the people really hospitable and courteous to tourists and travelers.Tourism is the prime business across the state and holds importance in the country and captures the mind and heart of all travelers.The Inner Himalayas,the Greater Himalayas and some part of the Trans Himalayas envelop the state in different framework and makes the place very important and special amongst others and creates an urge to convoy the region with family and friends and contrive unforgettable memories.

Mountain Peaks
Grandeur of Himachal
Grandiosity at Himachal