Hansling Peak:The peak with a scintillating effulgence


Hansling peak is located in Uttarakhand in the Kumaon Himalayan ranges and is best contemplated from Munsiyari.It is mostly discernible amongst other neighbouring peaks of Nanda Devi and the Panchachulli mountains from the Khalia Top Bugyal.The peak dazzles in the presence of the morning sun and makes a special and momentous appearance at twilight and whams travellers and mountain lovers with its substantial actualization.

It takes about 8 kms to reach Khalia top to catch the best glimpse of Hansling from
Munsiyari.It can be observed from other areas of Kumaon belt but I feel that Munsiyari is
the best place in Kumaon to get the integrated plenary of Hansling.The best season would
be December-March to catch the enigmatic appearance of Hansling when its scintillating effulgence intrigues travellers across the world.

I was mesmerized to see Hansling shining amongst the other adjoining peaks in the range and was clearly visible and free from elliptic and dark nimbus clouds.There were other mountain guides across the region who explained us the importance of this peak and the history behind its name and appearance.We wandered across the summit for quite some time and rendered good and memorable experiences that I would never forget in my lifetime and I would urge other mountain lovers and travellers to sojourn this corner of the Himalayas in the near future to experience the enigmatic divinity of Pristine Himalayas.

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