Go-Carting now reaches Himalayan circuit

Go-carting is now a popular event across India with its presence in major cities of India and the Himalayan circuit as well.Recently on my visit to one of the fun filled cities of India,Shimla, I came to know the existence and the importance of Go-Carting in Kufri,Shimla.It's one of the popular events in Himachal apart from skiing,paragliding and rock climbing.

Kufri fun city

Kufri fun world
Kufri Fun world

Go-carting ground
Go Carting ground

The importance of this activity is felt in a more promising way due to the presence of pristine mountains of Greater Himalayas and alpine meadows.The ground is spread across a major area in a serene and calm environment bordering the mountains and enclosing the Himalayan circuit.I felt it more promising than other go-carting venues across India due to its geographical location and bearings.

Go Carting wheels
The Wheels

Coloured flags
Different Colored flags hoisted in the ground

Travelers get seven rides for a trip and also enjoy the environment alongside the drive and some other rides and happenings in the fun world.The magic lies in the wheels and the speed of these go-carting vehicles which makes it unexampled and distinct as compared to its peers.There is also an option of changing the wheels or the cart vehicle in the middle of the ride if one wants to while doing a self ride in the artery.

Greater Himalayan mountains
Mountains of Greater Himalayas

Biggest grounds for go-carting
One of the biggest grounds for Go-Carting

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