The Gift of the Eccentric Traveller


Travel Values are essential and it is good to recognize individuals who value and inculcate them spreading awareness among people and groups.Travel Values raises consciousness and sentience among human beings and distinguishes them from animals.There is a huge difference in the mindsets of people who travels and who don’t and raises the bar between them.There are people whom you will meet and find in places not known by many in this world which creates an unfathomable interest to meet such people in real life out of which few are eccentric traveller.

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan magnetism
Eccentric traveller
The eccentric travellers
The Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas

I met a friend in the form of an eccentric traveller few weeks back who came to conquer North India through Trip Happy an unique travel community and probably the best to compare with others.He showed me the various ways through which he managed to come there and everything planned from before in Trip Happy including itineraries,travel maps,travel directions,hotels and registered confirmed bookings before arrival.We met and he showed me the various possibilities and the ways to travel on a cheap budget covering monthly and financial expenses.

Unique places-Eccentric traveller
Unique places
Radial view of Pangong lake
Radial view of Pangong

He also showed me the platforms through which all this can be achieved at a shorter duration of time.I came to know of a person who travels and drives 4-5 days a week in the Northern parts of India to make a living through him.After seeing that person I was quite shocked  and amazed to see that he drives 10-11 hrs a day scrolling between the states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir with a small Qualis in his bucket list.We managed to discover lot of new things which should be considered when a person travels solo on a cheap budget.He was a Buddhist and he showed me the importance of other religions and the practice they inculcate to follow it.He eats only two times a day and the surprising thing is that he manages to maintain a much more healthy and stress free life compared to us.These individuals live on a modest income and are not after titles or fame which very few can handle.I was lucky enough to meet new people like him in my travel life span from whom there are lot of life lessons to be learnt that books or social media cannot teach.

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    1. Yes,it sometimes feels great to meet people who don’t fall under your religion and practices other cultures and traditions..

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