Flowers of the Trans Himalayas


The extraordinary and  eminent flowers of Trans Himalayas offers an enticing pizzazz to the proximity.The colors inflect from saffron to yellowish and pink and vary in shapes and sizes.They almost grow naturally or sometimes is planted by the local villagers alongside the vegetation implanted in propinquity.





The glamorous enticing look of these wild flowers and their aroma blindfolds and fascinates every individual ordained to scout this corner of the region.Their captivating elegance and proliferation procures an astounding effect on the surroundings and that is the reason why inhabitants prefer to plant them in vicinity of their home stays.Their presence creates a natural and pollution free environment and urges people coming from other parts of the world to consider the place an omnipotent weapon to curb pollution and its detrimental effects.






The scintillating existence of these indigenous plants and flowers are an imperative paradigm to protect humanity ,prevent pollution and save the environment.