Munsiyari-The garland of Kumaon


Munsiyari,a notable place in the Himalayas is the garland of the Kumaon range from where the beautiful peaks are a few distance from the human touch.Important peaks that are visible are the Panchchuli, Hansling peak,Trishul to name a few.The experience was very enthralling for me and I visited the place with one of my closest friend and even sparks memories now to tell this to all my friends in a closed room making a video documentary on the travel episode.I was the happiest person at that time in the planet as I could see the entire Kumaon and some portions of the Garhwal Himalayas all at one go from one stand point.The. winds and the mountains talk in Munsiyari if one can feel the same from his inner soul


Panchchulli mountains

radial view of Munsiyari
Radial view of Munsiyari from hotel

Sunset at Munsiyari

.The whole atmosphere is electrifying as there is mountain wilderness all around the region.A few kilometers up the region will take you to the famous Khalia Top where it is requited to climb the glacier and the peaks even come more closer from the reach of the humans.



Khalia top bugyal
View of Panchchulli from Khalia Top Bugyal

Home stays are available for travelers at cheap/affordable prices.Food option is also provided if anyone wants to be their own chef and prepare the same.It would be a good option to visit Munsiyari in a group rather than solo travel as there are lot of other places in the Kumaon range to see and witness and make a documentary on the travel.

Garland of Kumaon
Khalia Top



Munsyari can be reached from Nainital by covering a road distance of around 12 hours by car.The route is easy to follow as places like Ranikhet,Almora,Kausani and Chaukhori fall in the way and if a driver loses direction it can be tracked from the Uttarakhand Kumaon map.Munisyari is also known as the garland of  Kumaon as it is at the summit and the top point of Kumaon Himalayas.The Milam Glacier trek also starts from Munsiyari and is one of the most important and top 10 treks of the country that a traveler can experience in his time period.



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