Elephants:Best ecosystem architects of Nature

Elephants are the best ecosystem architects of Nature and they play a very vital role in maintaining the habitats.They are preserved and nurtured properly in forests and other biospheres as they help to sustain the ecological balance of the environment.Elephants are big sized species on land till now defeating its peers and other foes and can be considered as an important animal with large benefits.

Indian Elephants

Best ecosystem architects
Best ecosystem engineers of Nature


African elephants
African Elephants

They are considered as water sources in Wild jungles as they help to dig wells and find water for other species and organisms so people run after them for search of water.They. also sustain the environment where they thrive by clearing out big trees and barks making space for other organisms to live on the habitat.Their dung can be considered as an important step towards growth of seeds,etc.That is why the name best ecosystem architects of nature has been given to them.

Elephants blowing their trumpet

The trunk of elephants
Elephants with trunks

They serve a very useful purpose by helping other organisms and animals in the habitat.Without them,the entire ecosystem is empty and void.Lot of care is now being taken in forests of Bandipur,Mudumalai,Kanha and Corbett to preserve them and realize their importance and virtue and the good they do to others.In my opinion,they are the largest creatures in land and the best ecosystem engineers of any nation so proper steps should be taken to nurture and feed them and prevent from becoming endangered.