Discover Challenge:Tough Questions-Half Kid,Half God creatures in Earth

Tough Questions

It was a wrangling discussion between me and one of my friend when we spotted a kid of the age of 5 years at a place called Maneybhanjang in the Eastern Himalayan realms.This kid appeared to me like a Half Kid half God creature which I have not seen or realized too often in real life.His eyes spoke to me a lot when I made a comment like that and his presence made me feel very special and enthralling at the stead.

He was very pure and innocent and we called him by the name Kudoz when we first spotted him in the grounds.He came running to us immediately when we asked him to and took a group photo with him.He was playing in the grounds with others but he looked a bit different as compared to others.I was very interested in knowing him but he hardly understood what we asked him and could not reply properly.We came to know through his gestures and pose that he is a small kid born in the hills and in the abode of the mountains.

I could see his mother calling him once he is done with his daily activities in the evening hours.He stayed with us for quite some time and made some interesting sounds and expressions which baffled us and made us feel like him.My friend asked me why I made a comment like Half God Half Kid.-In reply I told him that I just saw him and made that comment..something that came into my mind all of a sudden as I have never seen God in real life but his presence and innocence made me feel the same and make a comment like that.