Delhi:Decoding the Transformation


Delhi,NCR(National Capital region) of India is now three in one,i.e yes Gurgaon,Noida and
Delhi all combine into one and forms the NCR.It is basically now an acquisition of three
states namely Haryana,Uttar Pradesh and Old Delhi after the merging and transformation.Undoubtedly NCR is the smartest city
now in India with lot of FDI and revenue pouring in to restructure and realign the system
and the economy.

Lotus temple in Delhi
Lotus Temple


Red Fort,Delhi
Red Fort


In terms of safety,it is unfortunately the least rated cities of India with lot of injustice
and harm done to young girls.Kiran Bedi has done a wonderful job in increasing awareness in the city among people and positive responses have been seen in the last few months with rape and other anti-social activities on the decline.

India Gate,Delhi
India Gate


Delhi is in the center of the Indian map which increases the intensity of the earthquakes.
Tremors are always felt first in Delhi whenever there is any deviation in the Richter scale.
Most places in India are easily accessible from Delhi in a night journey’s time frame.
The pollution keeps on mounting due to increase in the number of vehicles in the city
causing air pollution.It is every individual’s responsibility to take care of the environment
and use eco friendly measures to safeguard the environment.Many agencies have been set up in the city to cultivate the same and we wish something good and positive turns out in the near future.

Lotus temple
Lotus Temple during sunset


City life in Delhi
City life

The Red Fort,India Gate,Akshardham and Lotus Temple are few of the major attractions in the city.Also lot of weekend drive gateways in the hills and the mountains are available for the Delhites.A one-to-one relationship must be established beween the Delhites and the government to prevent it from becoming a gas chamber.Also bribery should be legalized if it is really required in the city to safeguard the diversity and the heritage of the nation.

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