Snow sheathed alps of Chitkul


Chitkul,the last inhabited village of India plunges in the sheer corner of Himachal Pradesh.It’s a 2-3 hours drive from the district headquarters of Reckong Peo at Kinnaur.We managed to rucksack on an early morning in Thursday plunging deep into our hand gloves to retreat the the cold wave flowing across the turf.It was around -15 degrees at 7 am in the morning when the high torrent of the Baspa river entangled our perception and mantled our breadth away.

Snowy Alps of Chitkul
Baspa River
Sunset at Chitkul

The picturesque blurred our eyes and the sizzling magnetism fascinated our field of vision to catch hold of the enigmatic divinity within the region.The mountains were dazzling when the wood stricken houses became visible after the sunrise and entrusted a striking glow to the supreme panorama .The mountains bordered the entire area circumscribing the key monasteries and the small huts in the region and giving a charismatic squint to the pristine elegance.

Snow sheathed Alps of Chitkul


Reminiscence of the entire area of Chitkul transmitted an impressive and remarkable glow to our sanity and the urge to sojourn the region again and inspiring young travelers to take the voyage early in their life and increase their geographical exposure.