Why Chandrashila is the best place in India to view Sunrise



Chandrashila is the highest summit in Uttarakhand,India..Chandra means 'Moon; and Shila means 'the Rock'.It is one of those few places in India which has the highest Shiva temple of Tungnath and the five giants Trishul,Nanda Devi,Kedar Peak,Chaukhamba and the Bandarpunch..The sun rising amidst all these five peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas is amazing and a treat to watch for all Mountain and Photographic lovers.The early rising sun took a diamond shape and my camera was good enough to capture the ephemeral transcript and this was something I had never seen in any corner of the world.

Sunrise at Chandrashila
Sunrise from Chandrashila

Bunderpunch mountains

The atmosphere at Chandrashila is electrifying because of its bone chilling cold and formation of thick dense clouds all around the picturesque.There is no other means to reach Chandrashila from Tungnath other than trekking the summit with a steep ascent of 1.5 kms.It is better to carry some apples and oranges to quench the thirst as water will not be sufficient.One has to stay the night in Chopta which is called the playground of Uttrakhand to reach Tungnath.The journey is not easy and requires climbing broken stairs with not much time to spare as the sun rises by 6 am in the morning..So its better to start around 3 am in the early morning and start the climb.

Hill top of Chandrashila
Roof top of Chandrashila

Diamond sunrise from Chandrashila

There is no provision for stay in Chandrshila so one has to come down the same day and spend the night in Chopta.Hotels are easily available and very cheap and the food served has the energy to take one to the next level.The trek to Chandrashila is one of the fascinating treks that can happen in the life of a traveller due to the diamond sunrise in Garhwal Himalayas.Memories coming down from this region will be perennial and rewarding..

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  1. Those mountains, cotton candy like white clouds and that mesmerizing sunrise! In all it looks so majestic!

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