Canvassing the idols

This time I thought of canvassing the idols of Durga in the city of joy,Kolkata.The biggest festival is held in the city celebrating the idols of the holy mother in the month of October spanning a period of five days.The pandals are held across the whole region making it very festive and entertaining for people dwelling in the heart of the city.This is also the biggest festival in India for people worshipping the idols in various forms depicted below.

The pandals where idols are kept
A sample idol of Kali


A pandal decorated with materials

The edifice surrounding these idols are made of various designs and shapes and ranked and judged as per their appearance,popularity and the work depicted in these idols.People who make these idols are very hardworking and consider this as their only form of business for the entire year and make lot of money out of it.Some prayers are dictated during the early morning hours to celebrate the auspicuos day when Durga killed the demon Mahisasur.Also the Brahmin pujaris come and perform some rituals in all the days making it popular among idol worshippers.

Interiors of the pandal
Electric idols


In the evening hours people gather in huge numbers to witness the aarthi and celebrate the grandeur with family,friends and locals.There entire city remains crowded and paralyzed and all other life comes to a standstill.People book cabs during night hours to spend the whole day canvassing these idols with family to celebrate these 5 days with honour and exhilaration.



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