Beware of the Mountain Gods at Chang la Pass


It was another flustering and restless day when we advanced our way towards Leh from Pangong traversing through the Chang la circuit.We glided past the Trans Himalayan meadows and the Indus river and contrived some spanking memories of the Karakoram compass.Some of the areas were really challenging and stimulating and we had to backpack and gear ourselves strongly.I believe that Mountain Gods played the pivotal role of Magi in this case by changing the mind of weather Gods and the reminisce to convoy the sphere often in one's time travel compass.

Mountain Gods along Chang la pass
Chang La Pass

Mountain Gods
Chang La Circuit

Road along Chang la
Roadside along Chang La

We thronged our vehicle and lingered through difficile phases keeping the tough and confronting weather conditions in mind.It was like augmenting the same path decussated again and again and the journey looked very cumbersome and the climate conditions made it worse for us to make any exemplary planned during the journey.Situations got bolstered up and incessant rains ceased while we approached towards Chang la which is the third highest motorable pass in the world.

Approaching Chang la
Approaching Chang La Pass

Approaching Chang la
Approaching Chang La circuit


Mountain Gods encirled the pass all along and we could not even locate the clouds properly.It was our job not to make them angry as per the local army as there have been lot of dreadful instances in the past with travelers for doing the same.The peace and the solidarity can be achieved by us and we must be responsible and awakened travelers in realizing it suitably.There were some high and massive mountains enveloping the Pass that took our breadth away and the cool breeze blowing past the region carried us creating an unfathomable hysteria in our brain and mind.Nevertheless.,we were quite lucky to surpass the difficile climatic hurdles after approaching this Pass which made us look and feel positive during the remaining journey.



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