The City of International Sports

Barcelona in Spain boasts about holding the maximum number of international sports tournaments.In terms of GDP this city is socially and economically well developed as the employment rate is very high.

The Gaudi buildings in Barcelona are very famous across the world because of the architecture and the use of curved construction stones.The tiles arranged in mosaic patterns is a delight to watch and attracts millions of architects in this field.


The La Rambla Street is very famous among locals and domestic and international tourists and there is a huge mall stretching the street.But tourists should be very careful of belongings after buying goods as this place is very famous for pickpocketing–Kidding!!!.Ha ha.No its true…

Last but not the least The Barcelona boat race is very famous and a key event in the ocean racing calendar.All locals gather to watch the  yacht race for crews as it starts and ends in Barcelona.Barcelona remains a memory and I cherish all the moments spent there as this place rejuvenates the soul and the mind..