A glimpse into the realm of the most important of the Char Dham expedition

Yes I am talking about the most important sites of the Char Dham Yatra,i.e Badrinath which attracts millions of pilgrims across India and the world throughout the year.The only abode of Lord Vishnu stationed in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand is a matter of pride for the country.The Vishnu temple of Badrinath cornered in the Garhwal Himalayas of the Chamoli district has lots of stories and myths attached to it.Badrinath is a renowned shrine in North India that intrigues travellers and pilgrims throughout the country and remains opened throughout the year except for the winter months.

Badri city
The city of Badri


Neelkanth peak from Badrinath
Visible Neelkanth peak from Badrinath

The Nar-Narayana mountain ranges which symbolically represent the dual form of Vishnu is proliferated across the shrine of Badrinath.The Neelkantha peak adds flavor to the charisma with its 'blue' and 'elevated' advent and presence.Five kilometres from Badrinath also takes us to the last village of India which is known as Mana and lot of Garhwali inhabitants dwell in the area.

Nar Narayana ranges as seen from Badrinath Char Dham
Nar Narayana Mountain ranges visible from Badri



En route to Mana camp
Towards Mana camp from Badrinath

The most important imperative is the Alaknanda river,a tributary of the river Ganga that flows across the region spreading its elegance and magnetism.The road to reach Badrinath is one of the deadliest roads of the world with a 51 kilometers one way travel blockage from Joshimath due to the narrowness of the crossroad.The presence of mammoth snow clad peaks on the way makes the journey even more exciting and dangerous as compared to other Char Dham expeditions


Nar narayana mountain ranges
Nar narayana ranges

Badrinath shrine
The Holy Shrine of Badrinath

Badrinath is the also the channel to important mountain expeditions and events in the Himalayas.Satopanth,Swargarohini the road to heaven is at a trekkable distance of 25 kilometers from Badrinath which attracts lots of adventurists and wanderlust backpackers across the world.