Auli:Gondola and skiing arcade

Auli remains the skiing retreat for travelers and mountain lovers across the terrain.It’s
next to impossible to find a place with all 4 combinations namely Gondola,lake,skiing
destination and enchanting mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas. Auli is a few kilometers drive from the small town of Joshimath and it is a steep ascent from there covered with ice and snow all around the vicinity.

Gondola car rides
Artificial lake at Auli
Artificial Lake
Garhwal ranges from Auli
Garhwal ranges from Auli

Auli remains the skiing capital of India as it is opened throughout the year and gives
travelers an urge to compare it with other skiing destinations of the country and rate it
highly.There are rest houses for accommodation and individual houses built by the local villagers for a sojourn in the territory.The place offers fascinating views of Nanda Devi,Trishul and other neighboring peaks from the region that allows people to get the best glimpse of these high rising peaks.

Gondola and skiing arcade
To and fro Gondola rides
Windmills planted in tandem at the arcade

Auli is a place in the hilly arcades of Uttarakhand that offers the best views in terms of
natural scenery,landscape and Himalayan serenity.The Lord Curzon trail and the Kuari pass trek starts from this area and can be completed in three or four days time depending upon the nature of the trek.The food has the delight of the local region and a stay of a day or two can bring the magic and the enthrallment in the travelers minds and hearts.There is isolation and silence that attracts travelers with the serenity and the exquisiteness of the region under propinquity.

Garhwal ranges
Garhwal ranges of Uttarakhand
Snow covered peaks
Snow covered peaks of Auli

Auli remains a cold territory covered with snow during maximum time of the year.People plan an escape from the summers engulfing the cities for a retreat to this hilly arcade.Winter sports,skiing,trekking are favourite activities for the perfect traveler who has gone to keep the mountain wanderlust in them alive and dynamic.


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