Atrocities of children living in the hills

I would like to discuss the stringent hardships and atrocities faced by the children living in the
hilly areas.This noteworthy feature came into my mind when I went into one of the hilly arcades of Maneybhanjang,a small hill station close to Darjeeling.The place was close to Nepal border so we could witness the grandeur of the Eastern Himalayas and the ranges of Kanchenjunga peak in full swing.The atrocities imposed on these people from early days makes them very strong mentally and physically to deal with difficult circumstances in life.


Deodar trees
Rhodendrons and deodar trees

Wooden houses
Few wooden houses thriving in the hilly areas

The region is not fully developed as compared to its neighbours but still attracts travelers who come to witness the opulence and amplitude of the Mighty Himalayan ranges bordering Mt.Kanchenjunga,Mt,Makalu and Mt.Lhotse.It is the entrance to important places in Darjeeling area like Sandakphu and Phalut.

Sunset across Sandakphu



Atrocities of children
Innocent faces of these kids

I could see the children of age between 5-10 yrs living there in dire circumstances and their family struggling to make both ends meet.Some children face hardships in getting the proper education that is required due to lack of schools in the region and quality mentoring.They have to travel one or 2 hours down the city area to get the required resources and some children even have to go to Darjeeling on a daily basis to complete their education.One can imagine their lives and compare it with the lives of modern generation day schools.That is what makes people very tough and strong in the hilly areas as compared to the people living in cities.They have tremendous caliber and strength because of the hardships and atrocities imposed on them from childhood and that is how many people are born as climbers and mountain trekkers from the regions.