Experiences of climbing Apharwat

Apharwat Glacier,located in Gulmarg,Kashmir is at an altitiude of around 4000 metres above seal level.Climbing Apharwat  requires 2 steps i.e one halt at Khilanmarg and the other at the summit of Apharwat .The climb begins from Gulmarg which is known as the garland of Kashmir.It’s a steep ascent so it is very important to pack your gears and boots and become acclimatized to the big climb.


The transformation at Apharwat nowadays is amazing and unique and travellers get to see
a complete new view of the peak and its surroundings due to climate change and recent
developments around the region.The entire city of Srinagar is visible from the top and
the captivating sight can blindfold any hardcore traveller.Kargil,the base camp of the
Indian army is also visible if we go and delve a little further.


From the top can be seen the black mountains of The Northern Himalayas covered with ice
which encircles and encompasses the entire region.There are even lot of activities around
the region like skiing and ice skating for tourists and young people.Winter sports is also
practiced here sometimes and is often known as one of the beautiful skiing destinations of India.



After a steep climb of around 4-5 hours we managed to reach the summit from where the
beautiful grasslands in the mountains were clearly visible and a wonderful and blistering
sight capturing and enticing the mind of any traveller.