Travel Crusade is dedicated to all hardcore and devoted travelers who likes traveling,exploring and understand this beautiful world we live in.I(Somnath) am a passionate,hardcore traveler and the Founder and Editor of this blog Travel Crusade who likes photography, writing and mountaineering.I have been to various places both India and abroad.You will find my travel blogs, travel stories through both images and content across the globe.Traveling has been my passion since childhood and I would like to capture all the beautiful moments in my life and make it memorable.


I follow my passion for traveling,writing and photography to make the best of life.I believe in Spirit Science and I am attracted more towards colder places and I love mountaineering,trekking and traveling to places of natural interest.

Traveling has taken me to lot of places all over India covering 26 states,and a few places in abroad as well.I believe that you must be a traveler first,and a tourist second to understand the benefits of traveling and this beautiful world we live in.It makes you free and more richer as an individual.

I believe that Traveling can make you more educated than books can ever do. It involves understanding the language,culture,traditions of the nation you visit and transmits individual empowerment as well.

My advice to all fellow travelers and followers: For your ECG to be normal your brain and heart must work together but when it comes to making the biggest decision of your life the heart should be followed.Happy Traveling!!!!