Darjeeling|Entrench of Mountain Railways

Steam engine

Darjeeling,the most populous hill station of West Bengal is now a commercial tourism destination of Eastern India and entrench of Mountain railways.It is now a major hilly hamlet of the eastern zone with places like Ghoom,Kurseong and Kalimpong engulfing the province.Located in the lesser Himalayas,Darjeeling's ecosystem has been exposed and in jeopardy due to lack of proper planning and increased tourism in recent years.

Steam engine
Modern Day engine

The Toy Train Mountain railway
Darjeeling Mountain Railway

Mountain Railways at Ghum
Darjeeling Mountain Railways

Mountain Railway at Darjeeling
Toy Trains operating to and fro from NJP to Darjeeling

The Darjeeling Himalayan Mountain Railways remains an important discovery in the railway planning of India and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.It was the first significant discovery in India before other railways of Nilgiris and Western Himalayas and Himachal took proper shape and advent.Daily trains operate between NJP and Darjeeling in the narrow gauge railway that serves as a cheap and exciting means of communication between the cities and the mountains.The beauty lies in the unblemished mountain ranges of the Lesser Himalayas that makes Darjeeling one of the souvenir hill stations of modern India.

Santem Choling Monastery
Samtem Choling Monastery proclaiming the importance of Buddhism

The Darjeeling zoo
Darjeeling zoo

The Darjeeling mountaineering institute
Mountaineering institute in Darjeeling

The essence of the third highest peak of Kanchenjunga is felt from the hill top of Sandakphu and also from the Tiger Hills of Darjeeling.There are notable places in the areas like Mirik,Pashupati Market,Ghoom,Kurseong and some schools which has managed to capture the heart of the people of Eastern zone.Tourism and the establishment of hotels is on a rise in the province and the amount of rainfall increased in the last few years due to climate change and environmental effects.There is a huge metamorphosis in Darjeeling if we compare it ten years back due to the political turmoil
and the splurge in the tourism sector.

Sunrise from darjeeling

The mall
Mall road in Darjeeling

On the way to Batasia loop,Darjeeling

Colored leaflets
Coloured leaflets to get rid of the evil

Lamahatta and its panoramic view

Water body at Lamahatta
The curvy water body at Lamahatta

Nevertheless,tourists and travelers still enjoy the blissful beauty of Nature and its offerings and tourism seems to expand and increase every year.If. people come out doing good to the city and maintain the peace and solidarity,then it could never go in the wrong possession and turn out to be a better tourism destination.Darjeeling makes Eastern India proud of natural glory and opulence but everything needs to be preserved and maintained as per the environmental law as bad and improper individuals ruin beautiful things and try to break Nature's law.


Darjeeling mall road
The Mall road



Lepchaghat and its beauty


The wild forests
Traversing through the forests


Tawang|An enigmatic territory and the hidden jewel of Arunachal

Sela pass

Tawang is a magical place in the world dictionary which is administered,governed and claimed by two countries namely India and China.It falls under the McMahon line which acts as a boundary between North East India and Tibet.Located at an altitude of nearly 9000 ft above sea level it can be reached easily from cities like Guwahati,Tezpur and
Itanagar. Inhabitants of the region are mainly Tibetians and people from Buddhist communities who depends on agriculture and tourism for a living.Tawang is definitely an enigmatic territory and the hidden jewel of Arunachal with so much to offer tourists and travelers.

The Madhuri lake
Madhuri lake

Route to Sela Pass
Sela Pass

Areas of interest around the region are Chakzam bridge,Jong Nga Tser lake,a few monastries namely the Tawang Monastery,Taktsang Gompa,Khinmey Gompa,sporadic waterfalls like Jang and BTK and the the high altitude Sela Pass located at a distance of around 80 kms from Tawang town.The pass is normally covered with snow and descendants living in the adjoining areas depends on scarce vegetation and agriculture around the region.There are few lakes around the pass which are considered to be very pious and venerable.

The Tawang monastery
Tawang Monastery

Snow in enigmatic territory
Tawang snow

It would be a wise and viable option to visit this enigmatic territory with a local travel group and that is what I did by choosing the right trekking and tour operators namely Trekkers and Trotters whose amiability and affability was in their signature and all the groups welcomed and praised their hospitality and other services planned during the journey.Exploration. is the reason why we live,the reason for our existence and there should be some knowledge grasping initiatives in any field undertaken by the individual for living a blissful life of adventures,excitement,knowledge and freedom.There should be less drama in our lives to make it meaningful and having a solid purpose else everything becomes deviated and directionless.Due to the political turmoil between Tibet and China,the region remains a bit disrupted but the natural glory and the opulence that it has to offer makes it exemplary and one of the fascinating and hidden jewel and gems of North East India.

The War memorial
War Memorial

Sela pass covered with snow
Sela Pass