Tigers|Intelligent ways to combat a tiger attack



Tigers are the only creatures in land having the strongest canines that normally attacks its prey solo to get the most out of it.Unlike other creature tigers normally do not attack its prey in groups and prefers to catch it single handed to enjoy the big feast.If you hear a tiger coming and approaching then he is very lucky and fortunate and can run for his life and escape the

canines of death.One of the major reasons is that they are not the fastest predators in land like cheetah or leopard and they give up trapping its prey if it is too far from their reach.They actually wait for their prey to turn weak and give up and surrender giving him the opportunity to pounce on it and enjoy the carnival.So one must be careful about tiger attack.

Tiger attack

Tigers unlike other animals uses their legs as hands and weapons to clasp its victim so the most intelligent and experimental way to combat the animal attack is to target its leg and toe rather than any other tricks to baffle him.An iron rod would be very useful in wounding him if tries to attack or make any attempt to harm human beings.If we see a tiger coming in front of us we only see its black stripes and the big tongue with the toughest canines of the cat family.We generally should be avoiding eye contact with it or try our best not to panic once she comes near to us.If she tries to attack then the best way to combat is to hit its leg with an iron rod or any sharp weapon but the target should be the legs rather than any other part of its body.The stroke on the legs would be an intelligent way to give him the signal of a strong blow from the opponent and this could frighten and cripple him a bit and it may run away from the battle point for safety.

Their canines acts like sharp razers and give them the blow that is required to entrap its prey and no one can escape it if really gone under their canines.If it does not make any signs of attack then the smartest way is to ignore it and move away from his reach.They have four legs unlike human beings which has two legs and two arms to discriminate
from other living creatures on earth.Tigers are flesh eating animals often termed as carnivores that can identify its prey with the smell.The smell of the flesh can make him turn ugly and a beast to attack us without any mercy of any sort.

Another way to combat a tiger attack is to be sitting on any other strong animals back or top which can make him afraid and not plan the attack.It is not always possible to carry guns or any other weapons for safety in forests or any other wild places which has high chances of tiger attacks.Human beings feel that if they roam in groups or are travelling
in a safari car they are safe which is not true.Tigers are capable of hunting its prey from a group if it wants to and can leave everyone surprised and create bewilderment and great disaster.There have been many instances of tiger attack in safari cars in Ranthambore and Jim Corbett National parks in the past two or three years.Tigers are big shaped creatures of the cat family that are solitary kings of the jungle and do not intermingle with other animals as they roam freely in the condensed and the core areas of the forests to strengthen their body and get adapted to the natural environments and
get ready to fight their next battle.

Ooty|The best botanical and rose garden in Nilgiris

Tea leaves
The supreme hill station of Ooty stationed in Tamilnadu is the colossal endearment across the Nilgiris.It's a weekend drive of 12 hrs from the capital city of Chennai or Bangalore.It is also the principal and the chief hill station of South India situated at a height of around 2250 m above sea level and famous for rose garden.Half an hour drive from Ooty will take us
to Coonoor which is an important hill station in Nilgiris and focal point for some major trekking expeditions.Tea plantations across the region makes the color of the mountains green and the valley very scenic and impressive.

Botanical at ooty
Botanical Gardens

Beautiful pink roses
Pink roses

The beautiful flowers
Red and violet flowers in the garden

The Governmental Botanical Garden is the best and the most renowned among its peers and treasures both  exotic and indigenous plants.There are various species of flowers that is the cynosure of all eyes inside the garden.Most popular among them are the red roses,tulips and the marigold.The largest rose garden in India is also present
in this region which boasts of various categories of roses spreading their redolence and perfume across the oasis.The. chocolate museums are the first to be developed in the region where one can see how these are manufactured along with
tea cultivation and different varieties of oils sold in plastic containers.

Nilgiris Botanical garden
Nilgiris Botanical garden

Ooty lake
Ooty lake

Rose gardens at Nilgiris
Red roses

Doddabetta is the highest peak in the Nilgiris and other imperative charisma and enchantment includes the Nilgiri Mountain railway and the Ooty lake.There are chocolate factories located within the suburbs and various discrete and
diverse group of chocolates are depleted at affordable prices to travelers and tourists.
Temperature remains mostly subtropical and cold throughout the year which attracts travelers from cities to replenish themselves from the busy city life.The region is covered with dense forests and trees which includes pine trees and other species of shrubs and herbal plants.

Nilgiris tea garden
Tea Plantations across Nilgiris

Ooty Botanical gardens
Ooty Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens
Botanical Gardens Ooty

The pine trees
Barks of Pine trees

Another important place around the Nilgiris is Avalanchi which has a totally different landscape and mountains covered with tea and coffee plantataions.TAlthough there is no rose garden in this region,the place is green and the valley has its own piquancy which is not found anywhere in the province.There are some areas of entertainment in the region where one can go for a ride of 2 hours inside the condensed and the heap areas of the forest.Wild animal spotting is prominent and remarkable in these areas so the place is worth visiting and can be covered in half days time.Avalanchi is an hour drive from Ooty and we can see
a different and distinguished landscape not found anywhere within Nilgiris.To describe in one sentence,Ooty and the adjoining areas of Nilgiris are a comprehensive place for travel and nature enthusiasts across the globe.

Nilgiri ecosystem
Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve

Water body
Green water body

The shooting point
Shooting point

The beautiful rose garden
Rose Gardens

Annapurna Conservation Area Trekking

Annapurna South massif

Annapurna mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world enclaved by six mountain peaks namely A-1,A-2,A-3,A-4,Gangapurna and Annapurna South forming a huge mountain system in the sphere.This Annapurna Conservation Area trek is one of the most difficult and herculean climbs in my travel span and choosing the right trekking group can enliven and make our dreams a reality.Annapurna ranges are bounded by the Kali Gandaki george on the west and Pokhra valley to the south.Pokhra remains the entry point to the trekking zone and it is possible to reach the base camp in five days and the entire trip can be completed in ten days travel time.

Annapurna Conservation Area trek
Annapurna Conservation Area

Annapurna II
Annapurna II

The flow of the trek goes like: Pokhara-Ghandruk-Chomrung-Dovan-Machapuchare Base Camp-ABC Camping zone-Bamboo-Jhinu-Pokhra.The names of the places are difficult to pronounce but the good thing is that English or Hindi is understood by the local people so it is easy to find the route if we accidentally lose our way to the camping zone.The trek is one of the most exhilarating and vitalizing excursions where we can ascultate the sounds of wild animals and mammals while traversing through the forests and the villages.There are quite a number of oak trees,ferns and rhododendrons crossing our way and making the trek even more fascinating,realistic and favourable.We could even spot banana trees in the way and bamboos in the Annapurna Conservation Area.

Annapurna Conservation area
Annapurna massif

Annapurna III
Annapurna III

Being the tenth highest mountain in the world,Annapurna Conservation Area trek holds special significance due to the massif mountain ranges and the presence of other prominent peaks of Machapuchare,Nilgiri Himal and the Himanchuli which are visible from the other angle.The beauty of the trek also lies in witnessing the presence of colorful butterflies which was a striking and unusual feature of this trek amongst other expeditions.I was fortuitous in planning this trek with Peregrine Treks and their services were satisfactory and encouraging for any young adventure enthusiast.On reaching the base camp there was victory and joy in every ones face
as we could spot the big massifs covered with snow with some ranges forming triangle shaped appearances and others convex structures creating a sense of mirth and hysteria in everyone's minds.The mountains were covered with snow and the orange
color of the sun created a vibrant radiance in the afternoon hours after which we camped the entire day waiting for the beautiful sunrise to see between the snow capped mountains.

The village at Ghandruk
Ghandruk Village

The scene was perfect and an eye catcher for all travel enthusiasts,photographers and mountain lovers when the sun started rising between the mountains creating an unique purlieu with the environment.Weather was crystal clear and bright and could
not perturb or dismantle our minds from getting the best view of the peaks in the presence of the morning light.The bone chilling cold and the legs getting swamped in snow was a matter of concern for a few minutes when we acclimatized to the conditions prevailing in the conservation base camp area with a cup of noodles to break our hunger and the temptation and excitement planned for the day.We danced,took crazy photographs,played with ice and the kids living in the region making this place the most exotic adventure destination for any geo traveler and enduring trekker.

Machhapuchhare Camp
Maccchapuchare base Camp

Ghorepani hill
Ghorepani Poon Hill