Chocolate Caramels of Western Ghats

Caramel chocolates


When it comes to select the best chocolate caramels in India,it has to be none other than the ones that are found in the Western Ghats.There are chocolate museums in different corners  of the region that urges people to take a step forward and visit the museums where these chocolates are manufactured and sold in white boxes.Travelers come to know the actual process implemented nowadays to make and manufacture these chocolates and give them the spice that can attract millions in the country.

Chocolate caramels
Chocolate caramels of West

process of fermentation
Fermentation Process

Health benefits of chocolates
Health Benefits of chocolates

The promising feature lies in their variety and taste due to which people peek and visit these museums and factories in huge numbers and give them first priority before convoying the region and enjoying its distinction and eminence.There are quite a few number of chocolate  factories established in the area and recently launched museums to depict their importance and brilliance.Travelers also get a chance to actually taste and smell these chocolates  before actually purchasing them.

Chocolate packets
Chocolates sold in packets

Chocolate museums
Chocolate museums

Chocolate factories
Chocolate factories visible from the suburbs

The various varieties that are really appealing to the travelers are white chocolates,fruit chocolates,the flavored ones and the dark brown ones.Fruit chocolates are the most expensive and unique ones not found in all corners of the country.They are normally charged in the price range of Rs 100-200 for every 100 grams and the most widely sold amongst the rest.The chocolate factories and museums are normally placed adjacent to the tea and the oil factories so that people coming from different corners of the world know their variety and richness in terms of the quality.They are even sold in different city outlets almost in the same price ranges so that there is no discrimination between the ones that are available in the authorized factories.

Chasing the Wild at Bandipur-The Nilgiris Biosphere reserve

Bandipur reserve

It was an enticing empiricism to chase the wild at Bandipur National Park at Karnataka.Two hours short drive from Ooty takes us to the Man Eaters of Nilgiris which is a part of the Nilgiris Biosphere reserve.There are deodar,pine trees and most of the area traveled is covered with forests and creates an impeccable hysteria in the minds of  wildlife enthusiasts across the country.It is a notable place in the minds of wildlife photographers and nature lovers and enthusiasts and is worth a visit during any time of the year.

Best ecosystem engineers
Best ecosystem engineers of the country

There are waterfalls,tea gardens,border check posts between the two adjoining states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.The tourism sector is prevalent in these areas as the only means of business across the region.One important factor that fascinates me are the chocolate factories all along the way and some museums depicting the importance of various brands of chocolates.They are affordable and within the reach of the middleman and sold in grams in various town outlets.

Drier areas of the forest
The drier areas of the jungle depicting the various forms of trees

Tiger spotting was something that did not materialize due to lack of time and hectic schedule.The national bird,wild elephants,different types of deer,sloth bear,unique monkeys were visible in the jungle areas traversed in the safari bus.It is quite refreshing for the mind and the body and more importantly the eyes to visit the green areas of the region that creates an unfathomable interest to convoy this important forest area.Bandipur remains the largest national park in Karnataka defeating its peers and competitors.Lot of care is being taken by the Govt Of Karnataka and developments being undertaken in different forms to preserve the area covered under forests and maintain its dignity.

Core areas of bandipur
Core areas of the forest

Dry deciduos forests are dominant in the national park and adjoining areas of Bandipur tiger reserve which is located in the area compounding the Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats.There are lot of flora depicting the value of the region including bamboo,rosewood,sandalwood and other endangered species which are found in various corners of the forests.Overall it was an important and exciting travel adventure during my travel lifespan to cherish good memories for the future.

Trekking gears


The choice of trekking gears can be a tough one but it should vest on the individual to decide on the correct one depending upon the shape,size and height of the person.It is best to get the gears from an authorized sports shop that can provide the best and smartest choice at an affordable price.

With Trekking gears at Kufri
Near the rocky ridges of Kufri
Skiing zone of Narkanda
Trekking on the skiing zone of Narkanda

I got my hiking dress from one of the authorized sports shop in Manali and was quite fortunate enough to get the proper color for the trail that suits my personality.It was an indigo coloured hiking dress that I wear everytime I go for a trail.It gives me extra security and I don’t need a jacket above it to protect myself.It’s quite warm and I can survive the cold bitterness of the region and manage the body heat.It is essential to get the right ones irrespective of the cost incurred so that it lasts long and there are no issues in the future.

Core areas of narkanda
Approaching the core areas of the forest
Near Solang
Near Solang Valley

Among other trekking gears I prefer branded black colored sports shoes as I want to get rid of buying a new one every time and can get expensive at times.I do carry a cyan colored torch light to get some spark during twilight and dusk and has the best energy level.I do carry one stove,5 mineral water bottles that is capable of holding 2 litres of water.Jackets are an option and I rarely use them,instead I would prefer a windcheater to get rid of the cold breeze blowing across the hamlet.We have to make the smartest choice in choosing the right and proper gears for any hiking event as it would give all the fun and satisfaction required for the trail.