Gravity of Kumaon Himalayas

Khalia top bugyal


Kumaon ranges expanding from Nainital to Munsiyari forms a central part of the Himalayan region. A two weeks complete coverage is required to transcend the entire section of the Kumaon Himalayas and that is what me and my close friend did in the chilled winter month of November by covering a whooping distance of 8 hours from Delhi by bus crossing Haldwani and few important places of the region.

Kumaon Himalayas in Munsiyari

Kumaon Himalayan ranges
Kumaon Himalayas

Corbett national park
Early Morning at Corbett Tiger Reserve

Approaching Tiffin Top
Near Tiffin Top Nainital

Important areas that we had to transcend were Almora,Pittoragarh,Binsar,Mukteshar,Ranikhet,
Kausani and Munsiyari. One day halt at each of the places made the journey more fascinating and alluring. It is better to hire a car to reach the above destinations so that entire section is covered within the stipulated time frame. The road conditions are not as bad and the journey is a bit cumbersome considering the ridges and rocks across the way. The mighty Himalayas creates an urge to sojourn these places with an extra attention to stay a day or two in these haunt and make a signatory on the visit.

Inner Himalayas
The Inner Himalayas

Shivalik ranges
The Shivaliks

Cold Evening in Sitlakhet

Backpacking at Kausani

There are quite a few important peaks that are visible from these regions including Nanda Devi,Nanda Kot,Trishul,Hansling peak,the mighty Dhauladhars and the immaculate Panchchullis.Few important lakes like Naini,Bhimtal,Naukuchiya Tal are also an important aspect to look into the diaroma.There are high mountain glaciers and passes that forms a part of the entire division including Khalia Top,Milam Glacier, Kafni, Namik, Milam, Maiktoli and the Pindari Glacier.The entire landscape is very vibrant and sparkling due to the presence of snow clad peaks of the Mighty Himalayas and the enigmatic divinity across the region. Best months are December and January to witness the complete grandeur of the entire segment under propinquity. The Kumaon Himalayas are more dynamic and spirited as compared to its peers and the short distance between the adjoining places required to surpass all the destinations within a moderate travel budget. All that is required is to emanate the sparkling adventure,get out of the comfort zone to make it a thrilling enterprise and experience and keep the wanderlust within us dynamic.

Green Grasslands at Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar-An abode of Lord Shiva in the circuit of Kumaon

The temple

Mukteshwar,not known by many is a few hours drive from Nainital and is a sacred and a cherished abode of Lord Shiva.Many pilgrims and worshippers of the deity come from different corners of the world to see the abode which is in the lap of the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand.The sacred and the holy shrine of Shiva is situated at the highest point in the town and is now a tourist destination  to witness the splendor and magnificence of the Mighty Kumaon spectrum.

Mighty Kumaon spectrum from Mukteshwar
Breadthtaking view from Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar Shiva temple
Mukteshwar Dham



Compared to other small hill stations,this place also offers accommodation to tourists coming from different corners who wish to stay a day or two to acclimatize with the environment and observe the offerings of Mother nature.There. are some pristine snow clad peaks visible from the sphere and wildlife adventure thriving in the deodar forests.Sunrise point,rock climbing, and orchard visits are some of the promising tourists attractions in the region that urges real time travelers to convoy the sphere along with the grandiosity and the majesty of the Mighty Himalayas.We brought some woolen clothes which are quite popular in the region and we camped in a place close to the forest area to feel the essence and the grandeur of the place to its fullest.

Winds dictating
Winds dictating and trees witnessing their elocution



Route towards Mukteshwar
On the way to Mukteshwar

Temperature of the region remains mostly subtropical and I chose December month to visit the circuit along with one of my friend to witness the chillness and the eminence of the unblemished peaks of the mighty Kumaon spectrum with Nanda Devi amongst the prominent ones.The winter months of December and January are the best time as there are no climatic huddles that can play spoilsport to one's plans of convoying the entire proximity under consideration.It was an enthralling and spellbinding experience for me and my companion to contrive unforgettable reflection and recognition of this divine place which is a must visit destination for all mountain lovers and pilgrims across the terrain.

Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani:Strawberry hubs of Western Ghats

The Mapro garden


Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are situated in the Sahyadri ranges and popularly known as the strawberry hubs of Western Ghats.They are the most widely and renowned retreats in the Western Ghats and popular among Mumbaikars and public of Pune.These destinations mostly remains full packed during the holidays and are considered as weekend drives for the people.Strawberry cultivation mainly happens in the Mapro gardens and are harvested in parallel and layered for favourable results.

The mapro Gardens
Strawberry cultivation in Mapro Gardens
Flower tubs
The Ranges of Sahyadri
Sahyadri Ranges

The beauty lies in the unblemished ranges of the Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats that attracts travelers from all around the world.It takes around 4-5 hours from the metros to reach these awesome destinations and are rightly known as the hidden gems of Maharashtra.Hotels,rest houses and villas are available for tourists but are quite expensive and it would be good to book them in advance to get rid of exorbitant prices.Panchgani is a 45 minutes drive from Mahabaleshwar and is often called the strawberry hubs of India.The entire area around Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar is covered with thick forests and mountains and the climate remains mostly rainy and foggy.We can expect a clear and cool climate during winters which captures the heart and the mind of every happy and mindful traveller.

Fort near Mahabaleshwar
Way to the fort
On the way to the fort
Shivaji statue

The Mapro Gradens are situated in the way and it is a delight to see these fruits ripening and the way they are managed by the gardeners and the local inhabitants of the region.Also we get to purchase lot of syrupy materials and drinks from the commercial outlets of the region at a budgeted price and purchased by the people to serve them in the summer season.These strawberries are also sold raw by the locals and have an exuberant smell and taste that attracts millions with its color and aesthetic advent.

Strawberry hubs of Panchgani
Strawberries sold in chunks at Panchgani
Flower tub
Flower tubs
Flower tub
Flower tubs near Mahabaleshwar

Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh: Rediscovering Nature

The apple trees


Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh,one of the beautiful states in India that holds the distinction of discovering and enjoying nature to its fullest is one of the big happenings in my travel life span.It is difficult to enjoy the grandeur of the entire region in one bolt and should be revisited in different times of the year to experience the gravity.

Unforgettable Himachal:Naggar castle
Naggar Castle

Naggar castle exteriors
Naggar Castle

Naggar castle at Himachal
Naggar Castle

Unforgettable Himachal
Early Morning in Himachal

There are amazing and stunning places in the lap of Himachal Pradesh in different forms that creates and makes the nation proud of natural glory and opulence.Some of the places in Himachal Pradesh that has the magic of Mother Nature and grandiosity are Kinnaur, Dharamsala, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Shimla, Manali, Chitkul, Spiti, Sangla,Naggar castle,some high rising renowned mountain passes and important lakes in the Himalayan circuit.I visited the state more than three times in different times of the year to experience the seasonal differences and enjoy the magic of snowing around in different skiing areas and high mountain glaciers.The blooming of apples is another striking and prominent feature in some important areas of Himachal and the photographs taken in the cover photo of this blog with a collection of apples showing its importance.

Early Morning at Dharamshala

Unforgettable Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Mandi district

Beas river
Across River Beas in Mandi

the ground
Cricket ground

Dharamshala and Shimla are two capitals of the region and has a mixed culture of Hinduism and Buddhism.The state is very clean and free from political disturbances and I found the people really hospitable and courteous to tourists and travelers.Tourism. is the prime business across the state and most regions and holds importance in the country and captures the mind and heart of all travelers.The Inner Himalayas,the Greater Himalayas and some part of the Trans Himalayas envelop the state in different framework and makes the place very important and special amongst others and creates an urge to convoy the region with family and friends and contrive unforgettable memories of unforgettable Himachal.

Mountain Peaks

Himachal grandeur
Grandeur of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh
Grandiosity at Himachal

Unforgettable Himachal