Hyderabad|City of Ramoji film institute and important forts

Ramoji film institute


Hyderabad is one of the major Information Technology hubs of South India which has lots of other attractions like the renowned Ramoji film institute,the Charminar and important forts.The city has an extreme climate across all seasons and has a balanced life for all.The city is mostly dominated by Muslims and other castes which includes Tamilians and of Telugu origin.It is also known by the name ‘The City of Pearls’.

Interiors of Golconda
Golconda fort
Golconda Fort
The Roof Top of Golconda
Roof Top of Golconda Fort

Among the major attractions of the city,I was lucky enough to get glimpses of the famous Charminar,Golconda fort,Hussian Sagar Lake and the famous Ramoji film institute.There are few other places like Lumbini Park,NTR gardens and important malls within the heart of the city.The city has a lovely panorama if viewed from the Golconda fort and there are some lakes which are quite prominent and serves as the water supply to the city.

The Golconda fort
Golconda Fort
Hussain Sagar
Hussain Sagar Lake
The Charminar

Another important aspect of the city is the food present to allure all and thats why its
rightly called the city of Nawabs.The biriyani served in the city is the best in the country and its outlets are present in other cities in the name of Paradise and Nuwan and few others.There are few good institutions of study and research across the region and is the first capital of Andhra Pradesh.It is well connected to other cities in South India by buses,trains and flights.Hyderabad is also prominent due to its geographical location and is quite peaceful as compared to other cities.Hyderebad impresses me due to the cosmo culture,Ramoji film institute,the climate and the hospitality of the locals living in the region and also the aroma of the food that it has to offer travellers.If one wants to get the best view of the city then I would ask him to climb to the roof top of Golconda and witness the magic.

Salarjung Museum
Salarjung Museum
ramoji Film institute in Hyderabad
Ramoji Film Institute
Mating birds
Birds mating


Kinnaur|Where Apples Galore and Mountains Glitz

View from Kinnaur

The Road Taken

Kinnaur is the only place in India where apples galore and mountains glitz.Kinnaur has its headquarters in Reckong Peo,a small subdivisional town where there is some life thriving in the Himalayan abode.Kinnaur is spread across other areas like Kalpa,Karcham and Tapri and is a very renowned and prominent place in the lap of the Greater Himalayas.Kinnaur is rightly known as the Land of Mountain Gods and Goddess and considered very sacred due to the presence of pristine mountains,the hospitable nature of the people and the presence of flowers,Himalayan shrubs and wilderness that makes it a succinct place in the lap of Himalayas.

Apples galore in Kinnaur
View from Kinnaur

Reckong Peo
Radial View from Reckong Peo

Mountain peaks from reckong peo
The mountain peaks visible from Reckong Peo



I visited Kinnaur by travelling a whooping distance of around 14 hours in a deluxe coach from Chandigarh crossing Shimla,Karcham and Tapri and getting glimpses of important peaks like Raldang,Jorkanden and Kinnaur Kailash in the mid way.I traveled in the summer months of June so the weather was free from climatic disturbances and dark clouds and the road taken was not easy to traverse.The peaks were crystal clear and we managed to catch sight of deodar trees,pine and plenty of rhododendrons and the lush green alpine meadows.Apples galore in the orchards making it a succinct place in the Greater Himalayas

View from Kinnaur
Diagonal view from Kinnaur

Kinnaur road side
Kinnaur road side and mall



It was around 9 am in the morning when we reached Reckong Peo and managed to get a small budgeted hotel to spend the day as we were very tired and exhausted and did not take any chances to travel elsewhere.Next day early morning we visited the districts of Kalpa,Karchaam Dam and meet and interact with the locals and the traditional food of Kinnaur where the delicious apples galore.The important places that were left were covered and planned in the last day which included Sangla valley and Chitkul Tibet border.Ater crossing Sangla,we visited the last province of Kinnaur which was Chitkul to get the complete package and the splendor of the mighty Himalayas and the beauty embracing the region.It was an awesome feeling to land in Chitkul,the last village and the most beautiful place in the Kinnaur district.When we arrived,the sun was about to vanish and the setting color of the sun created a blaze in the surroundings making a panoramic halo across the whole scene.


The mountains were ravishing and glowing and the chillness took our breadth away and I just ponder about this place everyday in my daily life and encourage young travelers to make this in their priority list for the future.


Yumesamdong|Purlieu of eternal snow in North Sikkim

Yumesamdong is purlieu of eternal snow in North Sikkim with a road distance of around 26 kilometers from Yumthang,the silent valley across the state.Yumesamdong is also known as the zero point as the road ends and there is no passage after reaching the zenith.Yumesamdong is open only for a few months due to high snowfall across the region and road blockage after October.So we preferred to visit the terrain during the peak season of March-April to enjoy the complete grandeur of the region with its actual flavor.

Eternal snow at zero point
Chunks of snow at Zero Point

Eternal snow in mountains
Mountains become slippery and dangerous due to incessant rains and snow

After spending a cold winter night at the guest house in Yumthang,we, started at 6 am in the morning to enjoy the fascination of the Eastern Himalayas.The Eastern Himalayas are a delight and splendor to watch and the best view can be obtained from Yumthang and Yumesamdong due to the geographical bearings.The winds starts dictating and the cool breeze blowing across the realm makes a pleasant feeling with a tributary of the river Teesta flowing across the magical valley of Yumthang.

Ridges across mountains
Rocks and Ridges across Mountains

Snow clearance
Bulldozer clearing snow

I was quite charmed to see the pleasant weather and the bright sunshine across the mammoth peaks of the Eastern Himalayas.There was considerable shortage of oxygen across the region so we could not stay for a prolonged time period across the valley.Even. the trucks and the tyres of our cars were submerged in ice and could not move further so we had to walk and trek through the area to reach the summit.There were tough rocks,ridges and small waterfalls along the entire domain and while traversing across the region we could find lot of wild flowers and rhododendrons in the vicinity.The food also was very enchanting and had the taste of the eastern region but the most gloomy part of the trip was the lack of accommodation at Yumesamdong which was something I never dreamt of.Atleast there could be some wooden houses and small tents available for stay across the area to get some good retrospection but nevertheless the place along with its beauty and eternal snow was something to remember and last for a lifetime.

Yumesamdong snow

Eternal snow at Yumesamdong

Spiti|Cold mountain desert

The road to Spiti

Spiti is a mystery for young travelers across the planet because of its unique geographical location and latitude.It is the cold mountain desert of Himachal Pradesh.The best time to visit Spiti would be in the winter months of December and January and I did the same by traveling a whopping distance of 8 hours in car from Manali with one halt at Gramphoo and the other on the entrance to the valley.There were barbed wires placed at intervals for fencing livestock and scarce vegetation across the green meadows and fields of the valley.Spiti is a magical valley that looks very arid in summers and cool in winter season.There are monasteries,stupas of international importance in the region and it is also the corner point for many trekking expeditions.

Route to Chandra Taal
Approaching Chandra Tal

Cold Mountain desert
Mountain desert

Landscape encircling Kaza

I drove the car solo starting at 6 am in a cold winter morning with no one backing me up for the trip.It was really fascinating to traverse through the high altitude passes of Rohtang and Kunzum in the way..Spiti is also popular among foreign and Indian tourists due to the presence of alpine meadows and some monasteries proclaiming the importance and existence of Buddhism in India.The photos taken during the voyage truly represents the life thriving there and if you see the photos carefully you can scale them and map it to perfection

Green Meadows across Spiti

Towards Kaza

The natural landscape of Spiti resembles a cold desert and not like a mere hill station of sorts.The food is awesome in the valley and gives a true taste of the Lama food available in the region.I stayed in a cheap small lodge to spend the day and acclimatize myself with the weather and the surrounding environment.People in the region were very hospitable and friendly and preached us the importance of the terrain and the area under vicinity.

Route to Spiti Valley
Entering the Spiti District

Approaching Spiti

The most important aspect is that the popular treks of Pin Parvati and Bhaba Pass starts from the place and that is also another reason why trekkers and hardcore travelers find this place very useful and significant.Spiti remains the most important cold mountain desert of Himachal and its a great feeling to come out of the place with rejuvenating memories and reflection of the past travel and encourage passionate young travelers to add this place to their travel wishlist for the future.