The city of astronomical clocks is Prague

The astronomical clock

When it comes to decide the place where astronomical clocks holds importance it is Prague.Prague is one of the largest cities in the European Union that has the credit of procuring the oldest astronomical clocks in the world.The city is spread across Vltava river and has a temperate climate.The astronomical clock holds significance as it represents the geometrical positions of the Sun,Moon and containing astronomical minutiae.

The city map
City map
The finest architectures
Finest architecture
River cruise
River cruise
Country map
The country map
The cathedral

Prague is the cultural,economic and political capital of Europe and other important attractions include  Charles bridge,Vltava river and the ambiance around,important cathedrals,monuments and the Prague Castle.I found Prague more beautiful and important than other European countries as it holds world class museums and castles not found in any other corner of the world.

River inscribing the city
River inscribing the city
Architecture of Prague
Prague architecture
Prague architecture
Astronomical clocks

The astronomical clock is also an epitome of good luck,success and fortune for the people residing there.It is believed that it would be the end of the world if anything awkward happens to the clock.The clock was made by a professor in Mathematics and it’s importance and mention came in the year 1410.The blue circle represents our mother Earth and the red and black portions represents the view of the empyrean.Inside the black portion are areas of the zodiac ring that represents the Sun and the golden star shows the position of the equinox.The city life is awesome and wonderful and the people very hospitable and kind. Prayers and offerings often takes place in cathedrals and churches for the well being of the people of the city.I consider myself very fortunate to have sighted this historical clock which I have never seen anywhere and Prague remains a profound place in my memory and heart to cherish for entire life.

The city of Prague
City of Prague
Signs of street
Street signs
Prayers and offerings


Finest architectures
By the street

Suraj Tal:The placid lake of the Sun

Suraj Taal


Inscribed within The Mountains of Greater Himalayas is the Suraj Tal ,the placid lake bordering Baralacha La which is one of the high altitude passes in the world.Suraj Tal derives its name from Sun meaning sunshine,glow and radiance when there is darkness and eclipse around.The Lake is deep and shorter in length and covered with ice during winters.It is one of the prominent lakes in Himachal besides Chandra Tal and Prashar Lake and comes under the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh.When the reflection of the empyrean falls obliquely on the lake the color is an eye catcher and the cynosure of all eyes.

Mountain sheep
A pack of sheep

Suraj Taal during summers
Suraj Tal in summers

Suraj Taal and adjoinings
Suraj Tal and surrounding environment

The magnitude of the lake is of high decree and trekkers and travelers come from different corners of the world to explore its virtue and camping down at Sarchu.The lake does not look that much big but it is quite deep and one of the high altitude lakes in Northern Himalayas.We bonfired across the lake in a chilled winter night to explore the grandeur and the beauty of the region covered under vicinity.The presence of colored flags across the region is meant to drive out the wicked and evil enclosing the frontier.It was an enthralling savoir faire for me and my companions to have conquered the placid lake and appreciate and adore its ambiance.

Approaching the lake
In proximity with Suraj Tal

Placid lake
Suraj Tal

The placid lake is the gateway to Himachal pradesh and is on the route from Leh to Himachal.The water body is inscribed in a small frontier with mountains of The Greater Himalayas enclaving it all around.There is no provision of stay around the lake as there are no tents so it is advisable to carry your own trekking gears along with sleeping tents if one wants to plan a sojourn around the region.

Chronicles of the Titan Baralacha La

The Baralacha La pass


The Baralacha La,gateway to Keylong is a very important and high motorable pass in Himachal Pradesh.The mountains of the Greater Himalayas is the boundary to this high rising pass inscribing the shining Suraj Tal lake.Traversing through this high motorable pass is quite challenging and herculean due to the severe road conditions and the narrowness of the path.The mountains inscribing this high rising Baralacha la Pass remains covered with snow and ice throughout the year and falls under the Greater Himalayan belt.

High rising Baralacha La pass
Baralacha La Pass

Mountains circumscribing Baralacha La
Mountains circumscribing the pass

Descending down to either Keylong or Sarchu would be a good idea to spend the night and that is what myself and my colleague did while voyaging through the compass.The green Himalayan meadows down the lane and an opening route to Zanskar valley close to the Baralacha La are some of the promising happenings around the region.We backpacked and enjoyed the ride to the pass on a Qualis and catched even the slightest glimpse in our digicams to last for a lifetime.Our endurance to decussate the province was in our wishlist which we anticipated long back and we managed to buckle this time for a few bucks keeping the travel budget in control.

High rising pass Baralacha La
One of the largest passes in the world is Baralacha La

The incumbents of the region were very cooperative and their hospitality was worthy of praise as we did not fall short of water and food while peregrinating across the vicinity.We managed to get the help of the army in overcoming some of the hurdles during the journey and the driver was also very helpful and loyal throughout the tenure.It was an enriching experience to ameliorate the presence of wild Himalayan shrubs and flowers and shepherds while traversing through the high mountain passes of Himachal Pradesh.

A Travellers Experience:Outer Layers

The Trans Himalayan zone

Outer Layers

I am what I am and not defined by others actions and words.I am an aspiring travel writer/travel blogger who wants all the little things in life and make it look like the most decisive and important phases of my life span.I may not be a perfect individual but definitely tries to be real and authentic in what I do and how I treat people and things.I treat all the phases of my life like a journey and not as a competition as it is my way to do so and make this world a much lesser competitive place to live in  as increased competition makes life less healthier and comfortable to live in.

Infact I love people who tells me the truth no matter how hard they are keeping the consequences in mind.My favorite color is blue and it suits my personality and trait since I am fairer as compared to others and I feel that I look good and subtle in appearance.I also prefer blue as the travel blogs official color and I would associate and reveal this to all other fellow travel bloggers.I may be wrong or it may be my obsession to think so but I would like to convey that Blue signifies bliss and harmony and a desire to do something better than yesterday and make an adventurous entry.

I would like to tell my fellow travel bloggers and writers that blue is everywhere whether its the sky,the lake,the ocean,the blue mountain peaks or the blue lagoon-the all time favorite drink of millions.As I discussed earlier I prefer mostly blue uniforms as it gives a very auspicuos and charismatic look and not blunt and shining like red or other colors.It signifies a gentle message and it suits both young and elderly people.Myself being an Indian I find it very annoying that the color is missing in our national flag.

The Gift of the Eccentric Traveller

Trans Himalayas


Travel Values are essential and it is good to recognize individuals who value and inculcate them spreading awareness among people and groups.Travel Values raises consciousness and sentience among human beings and distinguishes them from animals.There is a huge difference in the mindsets of people who travels and who don’t and raises the bar between them.There are people whom you will meet and find in places not known by many in this world which creates an unfathomable interest to meet such people in real life out of which few are eccentric traveller.

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan magnetism
Eccentric traveller
The eccentric travellers
The Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas

I met a friend in the form of an eccentric traveller few weeks back who came to conquer North India through Trip Happy an unique travel community and probably the best to compare with others.He showed me the various ways through which he managed to come there and everything planned from before in Trip Happy including itineraries,travel maps,travel directions,hotels and registered confirmed bookings before arrival.We met and he showed me the various possibilities and the ways to travel on a cheap budget covering monthly and financial expenses.

Unique places-Eccentric traveller
Unique places
Radial view of Pangong lake
Radial view of Pangong

He also showed me the platforms through which all this can be achieved at a shorter duration of time.I came to know of a person who travels and drives 4-5 days a week in the Northern parts of India to make a living through him.After seeing that person I was quite shocked  and amazed to see that he drives 10-11 hrs a day scrolling between the states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir with a small Qualis in his bucket list.We managed to discover lot of new things which should be considered when a person travels solo on a cheap budget.He was a Buddhist and he showed me the importance of other religions and the practice they inculcate to follow it.He eats only two times a day and the surprising thing is that he manages to maintain a much more healthy and stress free life compared to us.These individuals live on a modest income and are not after titles or fame which very few can handle.I was lucky enough to meet new people like him in my travel life span from whom there are lot of life lessons to be learnt that books or social media cannot teach.

The Magical white sand dunes of Nubra Valley

Nubra sand dunes


Has anyone heard about natural formation of white sand dunes in packs and pyramids?Yes they are found in none other than the Nubra Valley at a distance af around 150 kilometers from the capital city of Ladakh.These white sand dunes are found in the plain grasslands and also in the peaks of the Trans Himalayan ranges creating a unique purview with the environment.These white sand dunes are formed in packs and in pyramid shapes all around the region which gives the camel riders an opportunity to earn a piece of bread out of it.

Hunder sand dune
Hunder Sand dunes

White sand dunes of Nubra valley
Nubra Sand dunes

Sand dunes of Nubra valley
Sand dunes of Nubra

Magical white sand dunes of Nubra
Nubra Sand dunes

The natural formation of these dunes are found in the Diskit monastery expanding across Hunder Village in the Nubra Valley.Camels are found in this area with two protrusions at their back which is unique and subtle in any corner of the world.The mountains of the Trans Himalayan ranges covered with ice packs demarcate the entire region surrounded by trees and the mesmerizing influence of the Shyok river.Descendants of the region are mainly Buddhists who has their own unique ways of living and generating their presence in the region.There are tents and home stays available for travelers coming from different parts of the world to scout this corner of the Trans Himalayan belt.The roads are challenging and ungravelled in certain areas so it is required to make proper arrangements and travel plans and hire expert drivers to convoy the area.There are Buddhist monastries,stupas and high flowing streams and high motorable passes in the way to the valley.

Sand dunes
Nubra sand dunes

Mountains covered with dunes
Mountains covered with white sand dunes

Camel riders at Nubra Valley
Camel Riders at Nubra sand dunes

Hunder tehsil
Hunder Village

I escorted the region with two of my friends who are travel enthusiasts and have a unfathomable interest to make documentaries of important valleys in India.We stayed a day to experience the warmth and the spirit of the region and it was an enriching acquaintaince for all of us and come back with astonishing memories and empiricism with a desire to conquer this part of the country.

Nubra Valley

Camel riders
Nubra Camel riders

Mountains enclaved by sand dunes
Mountains enclosing the sand dunes area

Two projected camels
Two projected camels at their back

The Peaks of Panchatarni

Helipad ground

The splendid Panchatarni peaks offers a magical view of the mighty Northern Himalayan ranges expanding across the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir.The radial glow of the refulgent peaks in the early morning hours offers a sensational vista to all young hardcore travelers.The peaks dazzle in the presence of the morning sun and makes the day luckier and charmer for every individual coming from all corners of the world.The peaks remains covered with ice and snow throughout the year and creates a genuine interest among all mountain lovers to come and enjoy the scene prevailing in the region.

Splendid peaks of Panchatarni

Pawan hans helicopters
Pawan Hans Helis

Panchatarni is an important region in the northern district of Jammu and Kashmir having a solid foundation of the Indian army.It is also popular as it is the gateway to Pahalgam and the holy cave of Amarnath for which thousands of pilgrims come from all corners of the world to seek the blessings of immortal Lord Shiva.The Pawan Hans helicopters operate between the splendid Panchtarni peaks to Baltal and Pahalgam especially for this important pilgrimage in India.Panchatarni is one of the succinct places in the lap of Northern Himalayas which is special and important for travel enthusiasts and mountain lovers across the world.

splendid Panchatarni peaks

Pawan hans
Pawan Hans Helicopters

Swiss tents and free food is also available for all pilgrims and travelers at very cheap and affordable prices to spend the night and acclimatize oneself with the conditions prevailing in the region.We went in a group of three to catch the beauty and grandeur of the Greater Himalayas.We trekked all the way from Panchatarni and reached the focal point of Baltal which is the military base in the Kashmir region.It was a steep climb and difficult trek to undergo due to the altitude and the cold weather conditions.Some horses fainted in our way carrying travelers which frightened us a bit but we were fortunate enough to conquer the region without any hurdles.