Striking Natural Formations on Earth

Holy cave of Amarnath


There are a few striking natural formations which appeals to the normal human beings and I would consider myself very fortunate to have witness the perception.The most tempting feature about these visions are either in the way they have contrived or a blessing of Mother Nature.Nature takes its own form to create marvellous features which are beyond our level of perception.When. nature takes its real form,nothing is impossible and everything becomes easy to interpret and understand the true meaning and the hidden secrets of life and the world.

One such stunning feature which I witnessed was a cave in the Anantnagar district of Jammu and Kashmir.The cave was a natural concort which is believed to have formed 1000 years ago.There are lot of myths and stories attached to the formation of the cave which may be true according to scientists.The mountains of the Greater Himalayas circumscribe the cave all through with some springs and waterfalls clinging to it.The cave is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and pilgrims from all over the country come to the cave to seek blessings and divine sanction.The mountain has taken a form of a cave and is the center of attraction in the region and is one of the striking natural formations on Earth.

It was yet another prosperous and auspicious day for me when I witnessed the presence of butterfly undergoing metamorphosis from chrysalis to adult phase in the wild trees and forests of Kinnaur district.The color was yellow which even added some glamour and favour to the natural environment.The process was slow and it took some hours for me to have testified the transformation.I was holding my camera in all angles to get the best of sight and witness the transmutation.Finally after it underwent the transformation it flew away to find its mate in the empyrean.


How to find peace and pacifism in distress

The monasteries


In my opinion,mental accord and peace should come from inside and none can help in inculcating it in human beings.There should be a brotherhood feeling between human beings to realize the same.Fighting and hitting back in anger are not the correct ways to deal with problems recurring in real time scenarios.Mental peace should come from within and no one can inculcate it in others forcefully.The brain is the most important part of the human body which controls the mind and the mind controls the body and its actions and words.

Monastries proclaiming the importance of Buddhism

There are various practices that can be followed in order to attain and feel the same.One of them would be to practice meditation and yoga basics which can be undertaken by the younger generation.The visit to monastries and stupas and learning e-Buddhist literatures are a very promising way to attain perfection and deal with peccadillo in actual life schemes.Balancing the mind is very crucial and essential to deal with imperfections and predicaments arising out of human brain and keep it relaxed.

Buddhist monasteries
Buddhist stupas

Distress and sufferings are a result of our own actions and forms which can be prevented to a certain extent depending upon the nature of the individual.Getting rid of heat of the moment factors and others should be duly practiced and followed to be a better human being and rule out the possibilities of repeating incidents and mistakes committed in the past.The illegal practices of smoking,drinking and hanging out should be avoided as well to keep the mind fresh and jovial.Cheerfulness and peace should always be the motto of every human being from today to create a better future for himself and others.We are own teacher in every aspect of human life and everything depends on us to predict and shape our destiny.

Mental peace


Beware of the Mountain Gods at Chang la Pass

Mountain near Chang La circuit


It was another flustering and restless day when we advanced our way towards Leh from Pangong traversing through the Chang la circuit.We glided past the Trans Himalayan meadows and the Indus river and contrived some spanking memories of the Karakoram compass.Some of the areas were really challenging and stimulating and we had to backpack and gear ourselves strongly.I believe that Mountain Gods played the pivotal role of Magi in this case by changing the mind of weather Gods and the reminisce to convoy the sphere often in one's time travel compass.

Mountain Gods along Chang la pass
Chang La Pass

Mountain Gods
Chang La Circuit

Road along Chang la
Roadside along Chang La

We thronged our vehicle and lingered through difficile phases keeping the tough and confronting weather conditions in mind.It was like augmenting the same path decussated again and again and the journey looked very cumbersome and the climate conditions made it worse for us to make any exemplary planned during the journey.Situations got bolstered up and incessant rains ceased while we approached towards Chang la which is the third highest motorable pass in the world.

Approaching Chang la
Approaching Chang La Pass

Approaching Chang la
Approaching Chang La circuit


Mountain Gods encirled the pass all along and we could not even locate the clouds properly.It was our job not to make them angry as per the local army as there have been lot of dreadful instances in the past with travelers for doing the same.The peace and the solidarity can be achieved by us and we must be responsible and awakened travelers in realizing it suitably.There were some high and massive mountains enveloping the Pass that took our breadth away and the cool breeze blowing past the region carried us creating an unfathomable hysteria in our brain and mind.Nevertheless.,we were quite lucky to surpass the difficile climatic hurdles after approaching this Pass which made us look and feel positive during the remaining journey.



Trans Himalayan flowers

The sunflower


The extraordinary and  eminent Trans Himalayan flowers offers an enticing pizzazz to the proximity.The colors inflect from saffron to yellowish and pink and vary in shapes and sizes.They. almost grow naturally or sometimes is planted by the local villagers alongside the vegetation implanted in propinquity.The. Trans Himalayan flowers are subtle and unique in the sense that they are'nt found anywhere in other parts of the Himalayan ranges and their perfume and oasis is an eye catcher for botanists and mountain lovers across the world.These flowers are found in remote corners of the Trans Himalayas and some local ones are planted by people and villages living in the tehsil.

Trans Himalayan flavors
Flavors of Trans Himalayas

The glamorous enticing look of these Trans Himalayan flowers and their aroma blindfolds and fascinates every individual ordained to scout this corner of the region.Their captivating elegance and proliferation procures an astounding effect on the surroundings and that is the reason why inhabitants prefer to plant them in vicinity of their home stays.Their presence creates a natural and pollution free environment and urges people coming from other parts of the world to consider the place an omnipotent weapon to curb pollution and its detrimental effects.The practice of growing such flowers should be taken as a solid example by people living in urban areas to find out ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase oxygen level in the surrounding environments to diminish pollution and its harmful effects.

Local Himalayan flowers
Local flowers

The sunshine flower
Sunshine flower

Unique flowers
New flowers

These Trans Himalayan flowers are found in all corners of Leh and serve as a very important social message to protect flowers to curb pollution and its detrimental effects.Various categories can be found if we even go further from Ladakh mostly in the villages of the Trans Himalayas.The scintillating existence of these indigenous plants and flowers are an imperative paradigm to protect humanity ,prevent pollution and save the environment.

Anecdotes of the cyclops Shyok

River Shyok


The Shyok Valley circumscribing the cyclops Shyok is a majestic and elemental piece of attraction edging the Trans Himalayas.The valley is mostly torrid with sparse vegetation and is the gateway to the Nubra sand dunes.The road across the valley consists of gravel and stony rocks and can be considered as one of the toughest roads to traverse in the world.

Shyok river enclosing Diksit monastery
Shyok river enclosing the Diksit monastery

Cyclops Shyok
Shyok river frozen

The cyclops Shyok inscribing the valley is an orphic water stream that is believed to have
formed from the Rimo glacier.The. river is quite dense and big and the high stream is a retreat to watch flowing past the valley.Gradually as we come closer to the dunes area the water from the river gradually decreases and forms a substantial white lining.There is a saying that 'Mountains are a pleasure if you drive with leisure which is true provided one understands the same and does a self riding on this artery.

Trans Himalayas
The Trans Himalayas surrounding the Shyok enclave

Trans Alpine magnetism
Trans Alpine magnetism enclosing the Shyok boulevard

Even the mountains of the Trans Himalayan belt seems to be scorching and heated due to the desert like formation and the presence of dunes all across the realms.There are camels with two projections on their back and a ride on them can be intriguing and the same can be felt if we love sitting on their body and enjoying the jaunt.There are some important monastries that tumbles across the valley and have been set up in the environs to maintain peace and stability.There are very few inhabitants in the region and due to the lack of proper water and vegetation life is vigorous and inflexible.The prominent feature to be observed is the presence of different and divergent group of mountains of both the Himalayas and the Trans Himalayan belt which is a perfunctory cornerstone
in the life of a geo traveller.

Tso Moriri-saccharine water lake in the Trans Himalayan belt

Tso Moriri lake


Tso Moriri Lake is one of the saccharine water lakes in the Trans Himalayas.It can be reached from Pang by integumenting an amplitude of five to six hours in car.The Trans Himalayan belt of mountains offers a magnetizing and ensnaring vision to the lake which cannot be described in words and dictum.Sweet water lakes are rare in any corner of the world.After tasting it it sensed like a dilute solution of glycerol put in a cup of water.

Barbed wires
Barbed wires placed at intervals for keeping out trespassers

Barbed wires
Wires placed at intervals for fencing in livestock

Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri Lake

There are barbed wires placed at intervals surrounding the lake for fencing in livestock and keeping out trespassers.The divergent mountains and their advent and sizes offers an astounding contour with the color of the lake proliferating their presence.The lake is quite deep and stretches further westward and tents can be set up by travelers at their own expense for a sojourn near the lake.Even there are some camps set up by the local villagers that serves as a means of daily income to earn their livelihood.

Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri and its tempting pizzazz

Saccharine water lake Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri Lake

Barbed wires
Barbed wires for keeping out trespassers

Our motto was to traverse the saccharine water lake and the vicinity and juxtapose it with its peers and give our ratings and feedback.One major advantage of visiting the lake was to find its cloying and syrupy taste which was astraying in the others.Our minds became very much concentrated after visiting the lakelet and we became deeply engrossed in thinking about setting up a camp there and extend our period of stay for a week.

Green grasslands around the lake
The green grasslands across the lake makes it a succinct place in the lap of Nature


Trans Himalayan ecstasy around the lake
Trans Alpine magnetism around the lake

Tso Moriri can be reached from Leh and its suburbs if there is no road altercation and
rains playing spoilsport during the journey coverage.The rhetoric silence of the lake
could fascinate millions and can be thought of as an important destination for cinematographers willing to shoot their next generation of films with co-stars and directors.


Hunder Village

Hunder enclave


On my way to Hunder Village,Leh I could see the natural formation of white sand dunes in the plain land and also some portion in the mountains.It was an exotic reflex and perception when we touched it and saw its novelty and sparkle spreading its enigma across the region.The manifestation of wild trees and the Shyok river encircling the diaroma was ecstatic and gave a feeling of presence of Heaven on Earth.The mountains of the Trans Himalayas circumscribe the entire village and the view is an eye catcher and enthralling for any traveller coming to witness the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas.The best time to catch sight of the region would be around July to September as the area is mostly closed and covered by snow and inaccessible during the rest of the year.

Hunder village and tehsil
Hunder village

Camel riders in Hunder
Camel riders across Hunder village

The village had locals practicing their own natural and fundamental ways of living and rehearsing local farming and vegetation.Home. stays are available for travelers at moderate prices that enlivens them to stay for a day or two in the village.Food is natural and has a very good flavor of taste due to natural and unique ways of plantation by the local inhabitants.Hunder tehsil is the gateway to the Nubra sand dunes which is a very important valley in  Northern Himalayas and in the topological map of India.

Trans Himalayan ecstasy
Trans Alpine magnetism encompassing Hunder village

Hunder sand dune
Hunder sand dunes

Camel rides are also a special feature in the radius and their special appearance can amaze or shock any individual.Hunder village can be a very promising place for travelers wanting to make any natural agenda and expanding the greenery across the vicinity.Peace and stability should be maintained to preserve such places in the future which can be rewarding and the presence of the Diksit monastery also adds flash to the sorcery.