Khardung La|Tryst with the Mountain Gods

Khardung la

The Greatest _______ in the World


The Khardung La pass,one of the worlds highest motorable pass situated at a height of 18500 ft above sea level is a matter of pride for the nation.The travelers will really find themselves lucky and fortunate to have been there and the path mostly remains closed during the peak time of the year.It remains opened only for a few months and is the gateway to the Hunder sand dunes.

Khardung La Pass
Khardung La-Worlds highest motorable pass

Khardung la
Khardung La top

Coloured leaflets
Leaflets to get rid of the wicked

I was on my way to the Pass from Leh which i undertook on a bike by covering 40 kms full stretch without any break.Good luck was with me all the way and there were no landslides and other obstacles in between that could shake my confidence and courage to reach there.The road was quite challenging and I had to make intelligent moves and take shortcuts to reach the Pass.Snow was there but not to the extent of crippling my journey and fallback towards Leh.Temperature was very cold and we had to advance our way further because of high altitude issues and lack of oxygen.The cold waves blowing refreshed our minds and made us vagabond nomads so that we could go further without any hassles.

Trans Himalayan magnetism
Trans Alpine magnetism encircling Khardung La

Stok kangri from Khardung la
Stok Kangri visible from Khardung La

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas bordering Khardung La

There were the army camps,few food outlets for refreshments and the presence of colourful leaflets to get rid of the evil and the wicked.The peaks were dazzling with snow and their presence gave an appealing and magnetic feeling to the atmosphere.The presence of different inhabitants also added some glamour to the ambience and the latency of Himalayan sheep and goats made it look like 'The Land of Shepherds'. There were people on bikes and bicycles like me on the route with trekking and hiking dresses which increased our confidence to go further and advance towards the important sand dunes area that gives a perspicacious glow to the Trans Himalayan mountains.

Khardung la
Khardung La top




The Khardung la Pass is on the Leh Nubra route that gives every traveller to explore more passes and compare with it and give one's rating and points on the height,area,ambience,temperature and mountain ranges.We should be taking proper steps to ensure that the roads are maintained every now and then for the easy passage of travelers and extra vigilance should be taken by the military
to keep it opened and prevent road damage in the future if required.It was a riveting acquaintance for me and my entourage to witness the worlds greatest motorable pass in the world without any climatic hurdles.


Concursion of Indus and Zanskar

Confluence of Indus and Zanskar


The concursion of Indus and Zanskar mainly takes place near Nimmu village in Ladakh.The Zanskar,a bit whiter in appearance than Indus which is a bit greyish reconcile creating a scenic spectacle for travelers to witness the confluence.The stream of Indus is more stronger as compared to Zanskar as it is the main river in the subcontinent flowing across Leh,India and Pakistan.The confluence is a magical moment and the best thing is that everyone can actually witness it in different times of the day to get the best sight of the color differences of the rivers.

Concursion of Indus and Zanskar
Confluence of Indus and Zanskar

Concursion of Indus and Zanskar

River ride
The Zanskar ride

The Trans Himalayan ranges in Leh surround the two rivers creating a breadthtaking and spectacular landscape for travel photographers.The mountains are more drier and arid as compared to the normal Himalayas as they belong to the Karakoram and Trans Himalayan ranges.Their different shapes and sizes create a striking effect and the two rivers take a different color due to reflection forging an analogy with the color of the sky.

Zanskar ride

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan magnetism encircling the concursion

River Zanskar
Zanskar river

It is a one hour drive from the capital city of Ladakh which can be taken as a half day entry and view point for travelers with important monastries and stupas plunging in the median.Refreshments were available luckily at the point so we were not short of food and water which is essential to elude of dehydration and altitude sickness.The vista of the confluence magnified the scenic beauty and river rafting services available for young travelers added charisma to the enchantment.It would be a wise idea to take a river ride to witness the confluence of these two big rivers and note the color differences.

The Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayas

Trans Himalayan excitement
Trans Alpine magnetism


Mountains of the Trans Himalayas

The Trans Himalayas


Ladakh and environs
Leh and environs

The mountains of the Trans Himalayas offers a sensational and miraculous vista bordering Leh and Jammu Kashmir.Mixed with dark brown,black,grey colors,these mountains speak a lot in silence and absorbs a long portion of the area covered under Leh.These mountains border the entire region of Leh capped with monastries,stupas,memorials and mesmerizes every unanimous traveler.The Trans Himalayas is a huge section of mountains and Leh forms a greater part of the section but its beauty and panorama is beyond imagination and words.The sight is different from normal mountain scenery and they are mostly arid and looks like cold mountain deserts in most scenarios.

Leh and environs


Mountains of the Trans Himalayas
Mountains of Trans Himalayan terrain

These mountains yield different shapes,sizes and colors and blindfolds every individual with its narcotic and soporofic appearances.The entire section of the city is very dry and unstained and are home to important treks and expeditions in the Himalayas.The magic lies in the isolation and unblemished silence of these mountains of the Trans Himalayas that urges people to visit and make their lives meaningful and jovial.

Pristine divinity of Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan divinity

Hunder tehsil
In proximity with Hunder village



Buddhism is another inclusion in the city as it is practiced and followed extensively by
individuals dwelling in the environ.Individuals and travelers like us come to experience the silence and the holiness of the region making a memorable impression in our minds.The Trans Himalayan ranges expands from Leh and some parts of J&K,Nubra,Pang and Zanskar valleys and is commendable in every aspect.It is imperative for every citizen to follow Nature and keep it clean,refined and sanitary else Mountain GODS can become angry and take revenge which can affect ordinary human beings which is not good for the habitat and the economy.No human being can become a superpower unless he follows these principles and laws.

Trans Himalayas encircling Shyok
Trans Himalayas encirling Shyok river


Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan grace

Mountains covered with white sand dunes

Mountains covered with white sand dunes


It's an unusual and unique feature to spot mountains covered with white sand dunes.Such is the fascination and alchemy of the Trans-Himalayan ranges near Leh,India,.Normally every mountain peak has its own charisma and enthrallment but the magic of spotting mountains covered with white sand dunes is subtle and sporadic in any corner of the world.

The rocky mountains
Mountains with dunes and wild trees

Mountains covered with sand dunes
Mountains covered with white sand dunes

Mountains turning greyish
Mountains turning greyish due to sand effect

We were fortunate enough to witness the incantation which was alluring to the eyes.
Also the river flowing across the mountain ranges added flavor to the magnetism.
The trees were immaculate and vegetation was scarce as compared to other parts of the region.The whole scene created a panoramic halo in the eyes of like minded travelers who came to see the enigmatic divinity of the mighty Karakoram ranges.Getting a chance to witness mountains covered with sand dunes was something unique and special in my travel tenure and I realized that there are lot of things to know and see in life which we cannot even imagine or visualize.These mountains became greyish and the presence of dunes gave a new look to these rocky peaks.

Trans Himalayas
Trans Himalayan mountains covered with dunes

Mountains covered with dunes
Mountains covered with sand dunes

The presence of Buddhist monasteries and stupas were another remarkable feature and combination computing the glamour of the area under vicinity.These white dunes are natural and their presence even outstrips mountains covered with snow.The color of the sand dunes is white in the land and greyish in the mountains.Every compatible traveler should find this feature very unique and unexampled from other enticing panorama plunging mountains.The presence of white sand dunes on the surface and in the land gave a totally different perspective about the location and the valley compounding the mountains and the hilly arcades.

Atrocities of children living in the hills

Sandakphu hill top

I would like to discuss the stringent hardships and atrocities faced by the children living in the
hilly areas.This noteworthy feature came into my mind when I went into one of the hilly arcades of Maneybhanjang,a small hill station close to Darjeeling.The place was close to Nepal border so we could witness the grandeur of the Eastern Himalayas and the ranges of Kanchenjunga peak in full swing.The atrocities imposed on these people from early days makes them very strong mentally and physically to deal with difficult circumstances in life.


Deodar trees
Rhodendrons and deodar trees

Wooden houses
Few wooden houses thriving in the hilly areas

The region is not fully developed as compared to its neighbours but still attracts travelers who come to witness the opulence and amplitude of the Mighty Himalayan ranges bordering Mt.Kanchenjunga,Mt,Makalu and Mt.Lhotse.It is the entrance to important places in Darjeeling area like Sandakphu and Phalut.

Sunset across Sandakphu



Atrocities of children
Innocent faces of these kids

I could see the children of age between 5-10 yrs living there in dire circumstances and their family struggling to make both ends meet.Some children face hardships in getting the proper education that is required due to lack of schools in the region and quality mentoring.They have to travel one or 2 hours down the city area to get the required resources and some children even have to go to Darjeeling on a daily basis to complete their education.One can imagine their lives and compare it with the lives of modern generation day schools.That is what makes people very tough and strong in the hilly areas as compared to the people living in cities.They have tremendous caliber and strength because of the hardships and atrocities imposed on them from childhood and that is how many people are born as climbers and mountain trekkers from the regions.


Spanking Memoirs

Panchtarni ground


The Pawan Hans Heli services based out in New Delhi,India offers splendid services to citizens,travelers,and pilgrims across the country.The most commendable constituent of their services are the affordable prices and the swift services that they provide to their customers.They are based out in New Delhi and operate in areas like Jammu and Kashmir,Uttarakhand and other spheres where there is an ernest desire but people fail to reach due to lack of communications.

Pawan Hans Helicopters
Pawan Hans Helicopters operating from Panchtarni to Baltal



Pawan hans helicopters
Pawan Hans Helis making a stand at Panchtarni

Individuals availing the offers are quite happy and satisfied with their services as
compared to its peers.I was lucky enough to get their package from Panchtarni at a comprehensive discounted price and my first attempt to go on a heli ride.It was a 10 minutes exciting trip to the mountains to reach a special holy cave dedicated to the Hindu myths.They operate in packs and serve their customers completely without any complaints and escalations.They operate in major routes like Amarnath,Char Dham yatra and Kailash mansarovar.They are helpful for the aged people who have difficulty in planning these yatras due to old age and physical weakness.

pawan hans helicopters
Pawan Hans Helicopters arriving from Pahalgam

One major advantage of their services is the hospitality that they provide and the disruption of services to manage the necessities of the package.Normally the seating capacity is around 4 per heli that provides the suitable equipments and the delicacy of the seat arrangements inside the heli house.They operate in every 15 minutes in the area and maintain a very balanced and disciplined way to travel and take us to the destination without any hassles.Such services are a treasure for the nation and should be taken care and maintained both by the public and the operating agency for better communications in the country.