Contour of Jog Falls after late torrential rain

Jog Falls,situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka is one of the largest and the
longest waterfalls in India.It is a sporadic waterfalls as compared to its peers and is
the highest waterfalls of India.It is accessible from the small town of Shimoga by car or
bus and is at a distance of 2 hours from the town.

Shimoga forests of Karnataka

Jog Falls

Jog Falls




It is required to descend and trek for about half an hour to reach its radical basal and the glimpse is alluring as there are forests visible from the zonal area.The Government of Karnataka has created a safe and secure zone for this picnic spot which is accessible by tourists mostly during the monsoon season.After monsoon it gets dried up and the full sporadic swing may not be visible.

Jog Falls


The water falling vertically

The entire sojourn from Shimoga to Jog falls is very adventurous and tourists get to see
varieties of trees during the voyage as the passage mostly embroil the isolated forest
area.Remarkable places of interest around Jog falls are Humcha,Ikkeri,Keladi and Kubatur.Overall,this spot is a nice weekend drive for any traveler to nourish and cultivate themselves from the conventional lifestyle of Karnataka.