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True Freedom Lies in Traveling.The whole world is like a Big Mainframe and those who do not travel won’t understand this beautiful world we live in.Traveling makes us more free and richer as an individual.However Traveling is not free and we have to earn our daily bread and butter and spend the rest on traveling and family.


I started Travel Blogging 1 year back since I am a hardcore traveler and a passionate writer and I would like to capture all the memories during my travel life span.I started blogging keeping in mind my passion for travel rather than a business but I would like to turn this into a profitable income at some point of time.

I would like to gain more readers,viewers and followers on my travel blog and I would like people really enjoy and reading my blogs and rate it highly and value its proficiency.What is more important to me is make a mark in life and do something what the heart says rather than just living a mundane life.