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True Freedom Lies in Traveling.The whole world is like a Big Mainframe and those who do not travel won’t understand this beautiful world we live in.Traveling is however not free but makes us more free and richer as an individual.Traveling is the most intense mode of learning new cultures,traditions and exploring new horizons in life.Traveling is the best teacher that makes us understand and find out the real intentions and the purpose of each species of the human race.


I started Travel Blogging since I am a hardcore traveler and a passionate writer and I would like to capture all the memories during my travel life span.I started blogging keeping in mind my passion for travel and would intend to make my life like a geo traveler.I started this website where I would like people to understand the importance of travelling in life and also value its importance.

.What is more important to me is to do small and good things in life and do something what the heart says.I normally use a DSLR or sometimes my smart phone to capture the images and edit and use it in my site.All the content in this site is original,written and edited by me and also 90 percent of the photos used in this site has been taken by me I go for travelling whenever I have free time normally during the weekends and also on holidays.I travel quite often within my country and have been to all major places and sometimes I also plan for neighboring countries of India.


Peerless Emerald Lake in Trans Himalayas

The peerless emerald lake in Trans Himalayas is Tso-Kyogar enclaved by untarnished mountains of the Trans Himalayas.It’s not a colossal lake as compared to Pang or Tsomoriri but enthralls travelers with its perfunctory and ostensible actualization.The green meadows and the emerald color spawns a similitude with the firmament and impulses travelers to rate it very highly and keep it in their top travel wishlist.





I drove the boulevard with my travel gears and managed to capture the glimpse of the fascination and exquisiteness in the lens with the empyrean witnessing its silence and confinement.Embarking the adventure was an interesting and intelligent incentive in my time travel and sparks memories even now to go and eyewitness the lake’s elocution.There were travel hunters like me from different parts of the
world that came to create a signatory on the Tso and make a documentary on it.





There were camps set up for the night to circumvent the day and we savored and relished all the way through to create shimmering retrospection in our minds.The film makers can consider this lake of the Trans Himalayas as a paradisiacal latitude for romantic pageants and presentations that can attract millions in the country to make a positive vehemence to patrol this corner of the Trans Himalayas.

Latest in Travel

1.Sikkim is all geared up and excited as the independent state gets its first airport in the eastern zone.

2.If you want to see the worlds highest motorable road, then its time to plan a trip to Ladakh next year.

3.If you want to sense the best taste of rhododendrons,its high time to plan a trip to Kumaon ranges in Uttarakhand.

4.The Railways plans to speed up some trains in India that have slowed down in the past few years .

5.Kerela Tourism launches Responsible Tourism mission, an initiative to make the travel industry more popular,eco friendly and accessible across the state.

7.If you want to sense the polish currency Zloty, the time has come to plan a wonderful trip to Poland or the beautiful city of Krakow.

8.Discussions are on to launch a new airport near Pathankot,India.

9.Halloween 2017-The conservation agency at England published a few landmarks in the county as Halloween advents.

  1. The one place to explore and adventure before the year ends on a positive note is Galapagos island in the Republic of Ecuador which is famous for volcanism and aquatic life.