The Blue Lagoon


On a recent visit to the alpine mountains surrounded by high altitude lakes,I explored the Elephant Lake in East Sikkim above the sunrise point,at the top of a serpentine road in the Eastern Himalayan territory.The blue lagoon symbolizes an epic place of meditation and peace and travelers can stay in single rooms in retreats and home stays facing the mountains.

Solitude being my strength,I had never engrossed myself in silence beyond my occasional meditation hours.I went to explore the blue lagoon to think,retrospect and enjoy the blissful adventures surrounding the zone.The sounds came from the streaming rivera surrounding the retreat and we could auscultate the sounds of animals and birds several times a day.

As my tenure of stay came to an end after spending one night,I enjoyed the scenic view of the mountains and the landscape surrounding the lake and environment.This photo,taken in the early morning when I arrived in this hamlet reminds me of enticing landscape where I can forget anything and set aside a few minutes to enjoy the heavenly silence.

The rhetoric silence of this lake could be thought of as a romantic destination for directors willing to launch their next generation of films with co- actors and film producers.Although smaller in length,the high increased and unknown depth of this lake can be treated as an important measure to explore its actual width and intensity to delve further on its features.

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    1. The reason is obvious Anita..Foreign locations have more importance and recognition than small places like this…The original natural beauty is often overlooked…..

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